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Monday, December 6

Monday Rush: Just In Time

Thank God I just arrive in time on the meeting place today. Just right in time for the arrival of the shuttle. Good thing that the PUJ does not run like a parader. Well reasons for waking up late is that I slept really late last night. I did clean the house yesterday it was a bit tough because of some old files that needs to be thrown away. After that I did find time to finish some of my online activities which leads me to sleep past midnight. So this morning I was glad that I was able to be on time. Though I was still really sleepy I just manage to take naps during the travel to our destination.

It is really hard to get out of the norms and the habits. It seems that racing with the clock and chasing the hands of time are already becoming my habit. I just hope that I won't be like this for a long period of time. I'll pray that I'll beat this habit before it strikes the alarm. I just don't know when but I will and maybe time will tell.
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