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Monday, December 20

Monday Rush: Creative Rush

Well I thought I won't have any rush today but I was wrong. First I was supposed to create a very well designed blog entry for the contest where I'm going to win a Nokia C7 (I'll be crossing my fingers here). Unfortunately right now I haven't done or created anything. I wanted to write it very well and convincingly good enough to win me a Nokia C7. So it's really hard to think when you only got a few days left to finish something creatively and well outlined blog post. So again I'll be crossing my fingers to finish it in time or before the time stop. With the holiday rush, Christmas Party preparation, and some other stuff that will sure keep me occupied can helped me not to finish that blog post. Anyway I just pray that I can create and submit it.

Second is the design rush, one of my officemates gave me a task to create a simple design which will be put as a design on the mug which we are going to give as gift for the attendees of the Christmas Party. Anyway I did create one and we'll just see what will it looked like.

Another rush thing that I need to do are my online activities which have entailed much delay and missed activities. I just pray I can at least cope with it. Anyway holiday break is almost near, just a few more days to go.
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