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Tuesday, December 28

My Significant Event for this Year

My significant event for this year... I have been thinking what will I write about this topic and I have been thinking it for the last twenty four hours. I don't really know which episode of my life will it be. Most of them are very important and significant to me. They are my treasures and they are the gold coins in my chest box. Picking one is like choosing from a list of love meals in a restaurant, the best seller.
Have you ever celebrated your anniversary? It's not necessary if it is your wedding anniversary or your puppy love anniversary what is important is if you have celebrated your anniversary. I'm sure most of you have already celebrated it in a fancy restaurant and in a very romantic place. Sparkling light, tasty and expensive foods, and lovely music. I wish I have done that. Reality bites!

For the last four years, our calendar is always marked with the date of our union. We haven't had any formal celebration of our anniversary. We only make the day with simple notes of greetings and kisses. A well home cooked dinner always fills my hunger and that's my wife's way of saying that she loves me. And sometimes we exchange gifts just to make the day special. Work has always been their as a wall but we still manage to have even in a very simpler way.
This year is quite different. A level up in the way we celebrate. We manage to have a date. Just the two of us! That's a very rare situation for us. We often go out together with our son but this time its just me and my wife. No little kid running around. It's like our first date again. Well to think of it it is really our first anniversary date after five years of being together. We had our dinner in a restaurant. Not fancy but well good enough to have a sumptuous meal. The celebration is not just a celebration of our union but also a celebration of life. Yes, life! Because we'll be having a new member in the family and that's a blessing that we are very thankful to God.

As we celebrate life and the season of Christmas I would like to give thanks to Batang Yagit and Jehzeel Laurente for having this Christmas Giveaway. May our life be Merry and Blessed!
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