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Friday, December 31

Planner to Plan 2011

The Philippines and Beyond Blog is holding a giveaway contest. Prize is a rare leather starbucks planner. All that I need to do is answer one question. Very simple answer but I just don't know if my answer will convince the contest holder. Anyway here's what I have to say about it.

Q # 2: How do u plan to plan your 2011 with a planner?

Well a planner is what we all need, especially that I am working I really need a planner. It's more of an outline of what I will be doing for the next 365 days. Planning can really give you a headstart on everything so to start I'll be marking all the dates of birthdays and anniversaries of all the person that is important to me. By that I can completely plan out on how, what, and where to celebrate a certain occasion. Second, I will list down all the things that I want to have and accomplish for this year. So it will be outlined on when should I have accomplish that certain goal. The rest will be jot down as they come.

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