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Tuesday, December 28

Time Out Problem

Few months before our son turned three we have somewhat faced a new problem that's how to make him stop or how to make time outs whenever he is in hyper mode. It's like a bomb that has been set when he started his hyper mode. He would run around. He don't want to be carried or stopped when he is hyperactive playing and running. This is what we often faced when we are in the mall strolling around and he hyperactivity mode is switch on. When that started the chase is on.

With this, we often just let him run around until he slows down and feel kind of tired. That's the time that we get him to have time out and stopped for a while. It's really hard to impose rules. We usually talked to our son before we went to an event or place. We always tell him what to do and give rules when we get to the event or place but often those rules are not properly imposed. They are always discarded, especially when our son got plenty of playmates. It's hard to keep him tone down.

There are few things that we are tried and still trying to do to stop when it is time to stop. First is we try to divert his attention when he is in hyper mode. We try to make him look into another object or subject just to keep him slow. Second, we just let him do his thing but we are always on the look to whatever he does. Of course his safety is what we always think of. Third, if everything fails we try to show him that we are angry and are not happy that he is not listening to us. My wife and I sometimes give a little yell at him just to make him stop in which we know that it is not very well advisable. We only do that when it is really getting hard to call him and settle him down.

Maybe we need to read more parenting books to know how to tone down and impose time outs on our kid. We haven't really get much reading this time but maybe we'll get a good solution on how to make our son stop when it is time to stop or to have time out. For now, that's all that we know. So we want to know your side. What do you do when it is time to stop or time out?
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