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Monday, May 31

Super Genius Kid

I just wonder if babies turned out to be super genius what will happen in the future. Techie kids are getting younger and younger.

So parents try to watch over your babies and see what they are building or playing. They tend to be very destructive sometimes.


Sunday, May 30

Delayed Tally of the 4th Droplet

To all participants of the 4th Droplet I would like to apologize that I wasn't able to finish and post the tallies and the winner last night. It because of my scheduled activity which lasted the whole night. Another memories and pictures to post. So I'll be doing it today and will post the winner. So for now take your time to make another review for the BIG DROP CONTEST.


Saturday, May 29

BC Bloggers

Here are my blog roll for the BC Bloggers.


Yupiiiieeee!!! BHO is Back!

BHO is one of the blog site that I consider when looking up for some new things on earning matters. It really help me find some of the best earning sites and of course I enjoyed reading her post. Now that BHO is back and up and running maybe I will learn more tips and tricks on getting the best paying sites. To celebrate her come back, BHO will be having a mini contest.

What I think is that BHO should not migrate it to wordpress because BHO might loose some of the links already associated with the blog site. Plus it will be a hassle reconfiguring and tweaking your blog site.


Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed
is back! Time to reunite with M3o. Let us all spread the word!
Come, join the welcome party! It's raining champagne and DOLLARS now!



The POST... DROP... CASH Contest will be extended until JUNE 12, 2010.  To give more chance to others to join the contest.  So better keep posting to earn more points.

To all sponsors and participants kindly update your blog posts.



Thursday, May 27

Busy Day.........

Just been busy today that I forgot to post today's activity. I will make up later today.

Wednesday, May 26

Headache on a Wednesday Morning

Another Wednesday morning with a bad headache.  I really hate headaches it makes me worthless when I have headache.  My whole body is much affected with it.  Does anyone know how to cure a bad headache without any medication?  If you do have please do share and comment it here.   Though this headache is really splitting my head I still have to work.   So good luck with my headache.


Monday, May 24

Monday Rush : Thinking of Finances

Just been thinking today.  There are personal things that I need to accomplish but most of them requires money and I still don't have enough resources to fund these projects.  Though I have the plans already, materials are needed to be procured to finish my project.  So for now I'm rushing to have more finances to fund my projects.

So what can I do to earn more and at the same provide for my family needs?  This is what a father always thinks.  Tormented between the things that he would like to do and the things that he must provide for his family. When I was a child I never really insisted on buying toys that I like, I would ask my parents first if they have extra money before I ask them if I can buy a toy.  I'm not really aware about finances that time but my parents are thankful that I understand things about extra money.   Now, I'm aware of that financial matters and I find it really hard to decide on which is which.  Maybe for now I'll think of some other matters to augment our finances.


Sunday, May 23

4th Droplet (Drop by the Sponsors)

Okay this is the last droplet.  So this is your last week to join the weekly contest.  For this week it is entitled "DROP BY THE SPONSORS".  

So what to do? First things first.

Subscribe via email
Follow through GOOGLE CONNECT
(If you have done all of these proceed below)

Make a comment  to our sponsors blog post starting May 23 - 29, 2010.  Only one comment per sponsor per day and comments should be at least 15 words.  Each comment will be counted as 1 point so you'll be able to get 34 points per day if you comment on all the sponsors.

Once you have commented posts the URL of the blog post where you commented to this post (take note only to this post).  It will not be counted if it is posted on other blog post.  In case there's a tie, it will be raffled.

Here are the sponsors and start commenting on their posts.

Primary Sponsor

My Thoughts, My Heart, My TurfRache The Blogger
Secondary Sponsors
Recaptured Moments
Tertiary Sponsors
redismaroseHome BuddiesiblogaholicPhotobucketWonderful Things In LifeMusings of LifeMy Daily SnippetsDiva FabulosaThe Pinay BloggerLiving Life To The FullestHome and ParentingMy Moms BestRandom Blog ContestRache The TeacherRache PhotographyRache Technologypointersinlife.comjovdavid
Other Sponsors
The Positive LifeKikams BlogspotSypperaGrab shell DudeYashirokuru Online!

Don't forget the BIG Contest you got week more to get more points.



Just been busy...

I've been busy making post about contests stuff that I rarely post about things that matters most of this blog.  I rarely post about kids... especially about my son, Maki.  Anyway I'll just finish this contest for a cause and we will get back on our usual daily things but still I'll post some things that talk about kids and stuff about parenting.

One good thing about this contest is that I'll be able to help some of our relatives who needs some help even though its not that much.  For Raphael, his parents will be able to at least buy some vitamins to get Raphael's body healthy enough to take another operation, his clef palate.   And for Johndel, a little money to add on his medicine expenses.  Johndel's daily dialysis  expenses cost Php 2,000, his parents are really having a hard time now even though they're working abroad and most of their earnings are being used for the dialysis.  I know they are planning for a transplant and they are looking for available kidney donors and also they still have to raise money for that operation if ever.  We will have to pray and wait for kind hearted people to help for the transplant.  For the meantime Johndel must endure the daily dialysis.


Sole Participant

It seems that everybody has been busy with their own turfs that they were not able to find the droplets in the 3rd Droplet contest and only one was able to get three.  Shi Min is our sole participant for the 3rd Droplet and as a reward for making the effort in looking for the droplets I'll give her a special prize.   3,000 EC Credits and 1 month 125x125 Ad banner from Yashiro, Grab Shell Dude!, and Yashirokuru Online!   Just email me your preferred 125,125 Ad banner and your Entrecard.


Saturday, May 22

Contest Updates

Those who still wants to join on our 3rd Droplet you still have few more hours to hunt for the drops. Just locate them and comment it here. So keep reading and keep looking.

And for our Big Drop Contest we still got a week to go before the contest ends. So better finish and post all your reviews to be counted. So good luck to all.


Friday, May 21

Wheatgrass CAN Contest

Just submitted an entry for the WheatgrassCAN T-Shirt Design Contest.  I have submitted two but they just approved one of my T-Shirt Design.  The Contest is still open (I think) and you can vote for the T-Shirt Design that you like to win.  If you like my design please do VOTE!

So anyway here's my design and a link to where it is.

Wheatgrass TShirt Design Entry


Wednesday, May 19

Design Crowd and $1,000 Cash Prize

How many artists are already known in their field of expertise? Actually I don’t know, but there are artist that I know who lives as cavemen. They live in their dark, lonely, and quiet realm. Their artworks are hidden from the appreciating eyes of art lovers. Even in graphic arts, designers and creators are often hidden from the lime light. Some of them are just contented with the pennies they are earning from plain and simple designs they create.

So having been an unknown artist looking for some art competition to join with, I manage to scour a quite different website. At first I’m not sure of what it is. Additionally I was also looking for blog contest to join to. At least if I win I could use the winning to buy some materials for my arts. So stumbling in this website is mainly caused by the prizes. Since I was here anyway and hoping to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I read and checked the website. Scrolling down and panning my 15 inch LCD screen I was able to figure out what is the website all about. On my time being as net surfers I have only encounter two of this kind and this is one of them. So as far as I can manage to digest and analyze the content of the website, it is an outsourcing website company. Its main goal is to outsource different ideas from different designers and logo makers. They are commonly outsourcing or they call it crowdsourcing logo design, web design, and graphic design to different clients who needs a different perspective in design and graphic arts. Another thing is that this company offers design contest for artists. Stimulating artists’ creative minds and of course offering favorable and appropriate prizes. The website site is called DESIGN CROWD.

To think of it honestly this is one good way to squeeze in new ideas from different minds. Also this is a good start to create a name in the graphic industry. I think I will might as well find some freelance jobs here. That is, if I qualify!

Also if you're hoping for a good cash to win, well better check this out.

designcrowd contest


Gloomy Day...Errr Not Now!

"It seems that this few days is somewhat gloomy for me. Though I wanted to be lively and active still I'm not feeling any good. There are factors adding up with the feeling. I really need to do something about it." This are my thoughts from Monday and yesterday though I was able to deliver things it seems that everything is dull. But now, it's quite different because I had a good night sleep last night though I have a partial splitting headache. LOL!

Now, let's rejoice and enjoy our life. Bad of me that I forgot how great things are and how wonderful life is. So here's something to start rejoicing.


Tuesday, May 18

Reverse Mortgage?

Most family often exceeds to the limit of their finances and because of this most family tends to lend or borrow money from different institutions. Senior Citizens are common lender or borrower. And there are different reasons why Senior Citizens lend or borrow money. I think the most reason is for the house. They either pay for the mortgage of the house or they pay it for the repair. This is to make the house conducive enough to live with after their retirement.

I thought I have heard and known all kinds of mortgages but I was able to find this company who’s offering a different type of mortgage. If you want to know more of this company visit There you will find and know how they operate. This company is offering a reverse mortgage. They have defined it as a loan against the equity in your home. With this mortgage there are no income or credit requirements. Quite different isn’t it? You can answers to your queries on Reverse Mortgage Massachusetts and Reverse Mortgage In New Hampshire.

Personally this is one company to consider when I reach my retirement age but for now I just have to endorse this to my friend’s relatives and my relatives who are retiring or already retired.


Extending Finances

Most family often exceeds to the limit of their finances and because of this most family tends to lend or borrow money from different institutions. There are different reasons why family tries to lend or borrow money. I think the most reason is for the house. They either buy a new house or they make repair. This is to make the house conducive enough to live with.

There is one company with a motto “Cavalry…. to the rescue” that offers good quality service and I think they have been honest with that motto. Though they are far from my location I think I will consider the Cavalry Portfolio Service once I have decided to stay in the U.S. For the meantime I’ll just have to encourage my relatives and friends who are living in the U.S. to consider this company. Especially if they need to augment their financial needs. The company is easy to locate. Just look for the Cavalry Portfolio.

If you’re thinking of paying your obligation with this company, stop! You shouldn’t worry about it because they have this different ways to pay. All you need to do is look for the Cavalry payment and look for the best way how you can pay your obligation. So it’s hassle free.


Monday, May 17

Kind Hoster Contest

Having your own domain name and hosting really gives advantage in blogging. Another good thing about having it is that your blog or website can easily be put on top of the google search. Delimiting the capacity of site to be easily seen in the World Wide Web. In or order to do these things you should find a very good, affordable and reliable domain name and hosting.

While scouting for a new domain name hosting, I found this new domain name and hosting website. It is called Kind Hoster, a hosting site with lots of kindness. Checking on their plans they sure give chances for all types of people with different level of budgets. One good plan that they have is the Blogger’s Budget which only cost $10/year. A very affordable plan indeed and is tempting given all the other freebies that is included in the package.

kind hoster

Another best thing is that is hosting a contest and the major prize is the Blogger’s Budget Plan which cost $10. So if you want to win this domain hosting just join on’s Kind Hoster Contest. Contest ends on May 30, 2010.0

Kind Hoster Contest


Dads Boycotting Pampers

I know most of the moms who will read this will surely laugh their butts out of their chairs.  But you shouldn't because it's a serious thing for Dads who are always in the front line.

Okay so what is this boycotting thing that most of the Daddy bloggers are expressing about.  Well for the information of all, Mom's are not the only one who know things about parenting.  There are also Daddy bloggers who talks about their experiences with their kids and stuff about parenting, especially those SAHD or Stay At Home Dads.

Just recently, a tribute was given to all mothers around the world and celebrated the day.  Most companies gives recognition for the mothers as part of the celebration of the Mother's Day.  But it seems that some companies doesn't really knows much of their consumers.  One of the Daddy bloggers proclaimed on the net that he'll be boycotting Pampers.  His name is Brian and his website is called the Rebel Dad.  I have read about Brian's post first on A Dad's Heart.

Why is he boycotting Pampers?  First thing is for four straight years Brian always receive this letter every Mother's day....

Hello BRIAN,
Happy Mothers Day!
Thanks, Mom for all that you do.
On this special day, check out the tribute that Pampers has for you! Come join us and other moms on Facebook and YouTube, and take a moment to share what you love best about being a mother.

Now, isn't it obvious that Brian is a name of a guy.  It doesn't mean that all who buy and collect diaper coupons are always Moms.  I too, tries to collect coupons or anything that can at least lessen our family expenses and of course the freebies that you can get from it.

Second thing is this picture....

Now, if you're observant enough what seems to be wrong with the picture?  Mom is playing with the kids. But what about Dad?  Where is he?  Well his on the couch sleeping like a lazy dog.  If you're going to analyze this advertisement and give meaning to what it says, it only says one thing, Dads are slackers.   A very bad image for the hardworking Dads.  They should have not included Dad on the scene.

Now, what do you think  of Brian's protest to boycott Pampers?

I, myself is hurt with the way they thought and portrayed about Dads.  I'm a Dad and I share the duties of raising our kid with my wife.  The notion of Moms are the only ones who's taking care of the kids are already superseded because nowadays Dads do what Moms can do, most especially the single parent Dads.  Of course there are still things that only Moms can really do it like bearing and delivering the babies.

Good thing that my son is not using Pampers.  So to give support to Brian and to uplift the image of all Dads this blog post is encouraging all Dads and Moms to boycott Pampers.


Sunday Service Message : Godly Ambition

Too busy with some things last night I wasn't able to share yesterday's Worship Service Message.  So I'll just share it today.  The Worship Service Message was entitled "GODLY AMBITION".  It was taken in the book of Psalm, chapter 26.  Here it is what Psalm 26 contains.

1 Vindicate me, O LORD,
for I have led a blameless life;
I have trusted in the LORD
without wavering.

2 Test me, O LORD, and try me,
examine my heart and my mind;

3 for your love is ever before me,
and I walk continually in your truth.

4 I do not sit with deceitful men,
nor do I consort with hypocrites;

5 I abhor the assembly of evildoers
and refuse to sit with the wicked.

6 I wash my hands in innocence,
and go about your altar, O LORD,

7 proclaiming aloud your praise
and telling of all your wonderful deeds.

8 I love the house where you live, O LORD,
the place where your glory dwells.

9 Do not take away my soul along with sinners,
my life with bloodthirsty men,

10 in whose hands are wicked schemes,
whose right hands are full of bribes.

11 But I lead a blameless life;
redeem me and be merciful to me.

12 My feet stand on level ground;
in the great assembly I will praise the LORD.

Worship and Witness.  Sunday Worship should always be looked forward just like a big surprised will be coming.  It should always be lively and joyfully though most of us are facing different trials in our life.  If Worship joyfully and truthfully witnessing will just follow.  If they see in you the joy and grace of the Lord every time you to church then they will surely be intrigued and will be encouraged to come with you.

Trusting and Tested.  Christians never really walks on calm water it is always wavy and disturbed.  God's promise will always come true if we only trust Him.

There are things that we wanted in our life but we will never attain it if we didn't give ti the Lord.  Be prayerfully, GOD is always there.


Sunday, May 16

3rd Droplet (Drop Hunt)

This weeks Droplet will sure give a little bit of a thrill.   Our 3rd Droplet is called the "DROP HUNT".  Participants will have to hunt for this.......   A droplet that will be placed to the sponsors blog posts anywhere and anytime.  So participants will have to locate for this and also to read all the participants blog post started today, May 16, 2010 until Saturday, May 22, 2010.

There are 5 droplets to look for.  Complete all the 5 droplets together with the URL of the post where it is located.   First to post the correct URL of the 5 droplets wins.  All comments will be revealed on Saturday afternoon onwards.

Participants will have to do the following first.

  • Subscribed via email.
  • Follow me on GOOGLE CONNECT 
  • Join me on my TWITTER Gang here
  • Tweet this "Join me on my hunt for the droplet at Yashiro's 2nd Blogoversary Contest @creamieroh"

Then post it here together with the URL where you find the droplets.


Don't forget to participate in the BIG CONTEST!



Winner of the Second Droplet

Sorry for the delay of the raffle and the posting just been busy doing things.  Anyways here's our entrants for the 2nd Droplet.  Out of our five participants for the droplet....

Our 2nd Droplet winner is..................................


So congratulations to Winchester for winning the 2nd Droplet.  Just email me or comment it here to where I'm going send your winnings.  Hope to see you entries on the BIG CONTEST.



Saturday, May 15

Contest Updates

It seems that other sponsors are persistent in joining the fun.  So in order to complete our fun we'll be including the sponsors in the main contest of POST... DROP.. CASH Contest.  But of course there will be new rules to be added.  The rules will be....

  1. Sponsors are not allowed to make a review of their own blogs.
  2. On the additional points Sponsors are also not allowed to review their own works.
  3. And as a reward for being our sponsors all cash sponsors will have an automatic plus 5 points.

So now will have some more fun.  The more, the merrier!   All who wants to join still have 15 days to go.  Better start making those reviews now and get it going.


10 Things I Somewhat Learn In Life

Things I somewhat and somehow learn in life and hoping to practice this regularly.

  1. You're not alone. - Always think that you're not the only person created on this world.
  2. Patience is really a virtue. - Patience can really be a good attitude to have. The more you wait the more and better result you will have.
  3. Boss and leadership. - I know you hate your boss sometimes but you have to know that you too are the boss and the leader in your own house.
  4. Health is wealth. - Always practice prevention. If you and you're family are not ill then you don't have to spend money for medicines and doctors.
  5. Save more, spend less. - Always think of the future and think only of what you need.
  6. Walk your talk. - If you say yes mean it. Don't change it.
  7. Watch your step. - This doesn't only speak of your steps but your decision as well. Always weigh the situation before you act.
  8. Read your food. - This is something that should be practiced. Always read the contents of what you eat and the expiry date.
  9. Time is gold. - Always cherish every moment. Make it as if you were protecting a precious stone.
  10. Let's play. - Everybody needs a break time. A little fun wouldn't hurt.
If you have anything to add or comment about this.  Just put your comments and suggestions below.  Thanks!


Friday, May 14

Childish Wish

Lego pics

This is my wish as an entry for justanotherpixel's make a wish blog contest.  I know it's a bit late but it's better to join than never at all.  So here it is.

Too many things to wish but only few to fish,
My wish is simple and not a fancy dish,
My wish is not grandiose
But it is worthy and precious.
My wish is a luxury if you think of currency
But it can be cheaper if you find a proxy.
My wish can rage your brain and be intense until you're drained
But that's the gift and something we already gained.
All we need is a little spark
To ignite the big bang in our heart.
Puzzled by the thought of what it is
Just seek deep the child within.
Connect my thoughts one by one
You'll find the clue until it come.
I know it's a bit childish
To immortalize this fancy wish
But hey it's my dream
A wish forgotten and now I bring.
It's a big set of puzzle toys
A LEGO called for the boys.
A wish that I will impart
For my kid who loves puzzle and parts.


Make A Wish On A Pixel

It's a bit late for a wish to come true but I'm still hoping for it. If you want to make your wish come true, at least, make a wish at just another pixel's contest. Though this is so very late I'm still joining and hoping to win some prize. Also I'm still hoping to that my wish will come true by reminding it to me again.

If anyone still interested to join just click the link below to go straight to the mechanics.

Join the Make a Wish Blog Contest over at Just Another Pixel.
Click here or on the banner above for the complete mechanics and prizes.

We would like to thank the following generous sponsors: Please take the time to visit them.

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