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Sunday, October 31

Personal Loans

Parents are always torn between two things, its about to spend or not to spend. To spend because we, parents, are always thinking about the welfare of our family. So we need to buy food, clothes, and stuff that our family needs. While not to spend because there are times that we experience financial crisis and it is really makes us, parents, think about spending the money. If the income that is coming in is not enough, parents always think and try to look for a better source to augment or increase the finances in order to solve the financial crisis.

With this, Personal Loans always comes in. They tend to at least lessen the financial burden of the parents. They really comes in handy, specially when it is badly needed. These loans has terms that should be followed and considered so that borrowers won't have any problem if they would need it again.

There are different types of loans that can be used by different borrowers and it depends on the need of the borrower. Some of these loans are Personal Loans, No Credit Loans, Poor Credit Loans, Salary Loans, and a whole lot more.

Saturday, October 30

Jollibee Kids Club Halloween Party

Remember the day that we were settling with Maki's Birthday Party and we did buy a ticket for the Halloween Party.  Well, that was today and that's our Daddy Day Care for today.

During the whole week we were looking for Maki's costume.  Since he already has a head dress together with Chibi King which I bought in Duty Free Shops, our plan was to  look for the clothes that will match on his head dress.  Unfortunately, until yesterday evening we couldn't find any clothes or costume that he can wear for the Costume Party.  I would prefer to call it Costume Party rather than Halloween Party just to wear off the spookiness during this season.

Anyway back to looking for Maki's costume, since we couldn't find anything, I just tried and decided to make a costume for him out of flour sack or what we call it "Katsa".  But before that I tried to look for a dye color powder for the costume.  Green is what the color we wanted since the character that we are trying to portray is Popo of the Mushi King who wears green shirt and pants.  So then, I have the "Katsa" and the dye color and the only problem is the design.    I just tried to make the design simple by matching the pants from Maki's pajama and the shirt is just a simple T pattern to make the shirt.  In other words I was able to cut the pattern.  What's left to do was to sew it together.  But there's another problem.  The sewing machine is in the area where baby Usher is sleeping so it would be a noise for baby Usher if I tried to sew it there.  Manual sewing is the answer!  I did sew the clothes together by doing it manually.  It was really hard and tiring.  The cutting and the sewing took me about almost five hours to complete it.  It was past 2:00 AM Saturday when I finished it.

Now the dying of the clothes is really simple you'll just have to mix the powder with the water and put a little bit of vinegar to make the color hold much better on the cloth.  I turned on the stove and started cooking them for about five minutes.  Then I soaked in the clothes and warm it more for about ten minutes then I just left it there.  Then that was the time that I sleep.  Whew!  What a costume!

Today, the party started the registration at 12:00 noon we got there past 12 and we were lead to our chairs.   Maki was very watchful trying to avoid kids with horrifying costumes.  When we seated Maki was still clinging to us but then later on he started dancing with the music.  They played some games for the kids and Maki's number was called but Maki don't want to go to the stage.  He doesn't want to see other costume which are really scary for him.  Maki only participated on the bring me game which he won a pack of brownies (I think).  After the games there were dance numbers and story-telling about Hansel and Gretel.  Then the time has come and the main guest of the event came out and all of the kids started moving forward near the stage.  It was the five mascots of the Jollitown.  It was Popo, Twirlie, Mr. Yum, Hettie, and of course the well know mascot Jollibee they presented a dance number for all the kids.  After that they announced the winners of the costumes.  There were five winners and unfortunately Maki is not one of them.  Anyway better try next time.  Maki's consolation prize was having a picture with Mr. Yum and Popo.  

Friday, October 29

Pumpkin Pail

Since it is Spooky Halloween I would just like to share this Pumpkin Pail that is found at Toy Kingdom.  Most of the kids will sure have one of this while doing their trick or treats. Of course the candies in pail are sold separately or Mommy and Daddy will just have to buy them if there's no to trick or treat on.

Tomorrow there will be an activity that we will be attending in the mall near our place.  Maki is a member of Jollibee Kids Club so he will be joining the costume party of Jollibee tomorrow.  I'm sure he will enjoy it.

Wednesday, October 27

First Time on Nuffnang Event

Last Friday was really something different for me and my wife.  After three years (I think?!) that was our first time to attend an event just the two of us.  It's more of a date for both of us.  LOL!  Anyway, that was really our first time to attend an event organized by Nuffnang Philippines.  It was the awarding of prizes for the blog contest of Goldilocks and also the showcasing of their new store in Shaw Blvd.
 We were a bit early in the event area.  It was 6 pm when we get there and they were not yet finished preparing for the event.  I was thirsty and hungry.  I wanted to try LAING PASTA but sorry for me they don't have anymore so I just help myself with the lasagna and I tried also their new BUBBLE POPS.   A pearl shape which was like sago but it's not, once you press it between your tongue and your palate it pops like a bubble.  That was one good refreshing drink.  Mommy don't like to eat because she already had French fries and she just tasted the BUBBLE POPS but she didn't like it that much.  While eating the lasagna, they were already done preparing and they started to calling bloggers to find their seats.
While they were accompanying most of the attendees of the event all were given a DYC.  I didn't know what was DYC at first but when I see the box I just said... Ahhh!  It was a Decorate Your Cake.  As part of the event attendees are encourage to create their designs of mini cakes using the materials inside a DYC box.  Mommy who don't know how to do any art thing forced me to do her own.  She just explained the details and she just let me do the designing.  Quite interesting to do crafty things on a fluffy mamon.    Maybe the DYC was their way to make everyone a little busy while waiting for the others and for the other guests.  It was also instructed that who ever designed the good looking mini cake will win a prize.  Unfortunately, we didn't win any.  While doing the mini cake dinner was served.
They have started the program quite late.  They started with a presentation about Goldilocks and why did they make some changes on their packaging and brand.  We attentively tried to at least digest some of the major details of the video.  It was amazing to know that Goldilocks did really start from the bottom and look at them now, they were always part of the Filipino life style.  To liven up the event they conducted a mini quiz bee, making per table as one group.  We were six in the group.  To make the story short we were able to make it on to the finals and one question did make us flunk.  It's about a phobia having a peanut butter stuck onto your palate.  It is interesting to know that there was something like that and we did loose on that.  Anyway that adds up to one of trivia collections.
Mommy didn't exactly noticed who the guest actor was.  It was Eduard Mendez, one of the actor in TV soap entitled "Magkaribal".  When Mommy realized who it was she exclaimed... Ah okay.  That was our usual reaction whenever we see actors and actresses.  Just simple as that.  Anyway he was there to do his job by presenting the winning prize to the winners of the contest.

The time came to announce the winners of the Goldilocks "Pagbabago" Blog Contest.   A drum roll was played for each winner.
Eloquent Blog - Yoshke
Most Creative Blog - Open Book
Biggest Change Blog - Divine Viva

And the top winner for the Goldilocks "Pagbabago" Blog Contest was

Read their entries and be inspired of how their life changed.
It was an interesting and fun night for me and Mommy.  Though we didn't win any it's a good thing that we met some people that is truly admirable.  Not of what they look but what they can share from what they have experienced.   It was a date for Mommy and Me  we just hope that there will be more Nuffnang events that we can attend together.  Thanks Nuffnang!

Monday, October 25

Maki's 3rd Birthday!

Maki's day started with a good wake up from us.  Good thing that he don't have any tantrums when he wakes up.  When he wake up we were teasing him "Birthday Mo Ngayon, It's Time to Party"  (Today's your Birthday, It's time to party).  He is alive and kicking, no illness, and all is well.  We did our usual morning rituals, breakfast, bath, and play.   There were greetings from text, and from the internet, specially those who are in abroad.  After lunch we took a nap to prepare for Maki's Birthday Party.

We prepared with no rush, no hassle, and worry free.  It was just like our normal family date.  The only exception this day is that we're expecting what would Maki's reaction if Jollibee came into the party and greeted him.  Maki is scared of mascots and big statues.  So this is our worry, what if Maki is still scared with Jollibee what will happen to his party then.  Anyway we just prayed that Maki will overcome his fear.

So, we came to Jollibee Store and straight into their function room.  They were not yet ready with the decorations when we came. It was a bit early.  That was really something to mark and commemorate, having been very early during Maki's birthday.

One by one and group by group, Maki's visitors came and greeted him.  Some were friends and others were relatives.  At about 6 PM the party started with a dance number from Jollibee crew dancing the Jollitown  theme song.  Everybody's attention were set and we started.  Just as before this party we were practicing Maki to lead the prayer and he really did lead the prayer by thanking God for spaghetti, chicken, rice, juice, and everything.  It was short and brief but we are thankful that Maki was able to lead the prayer.    Maki was very much lively unlike his first birthday party that he was not feeling well.  This day, well he has so much energy store in him.  Games were played for the kids and also for the adults, specially Mommy and Daddy.  Most of the kids got their gifts and prizes.

Now, the main event that we're anticipating has finally come.  It came in with the signal of the emcee.  It was Jollibee!  Hesitant at first Maki was able to make high five, hug and dance with Jollibee.  He really did lost his fear of mascots.  He has finally conquered it.  Maki and the rest of the kids chase Jollibee around for pictures and hugs.  While still having pictures with Jollibee mascot most of the parents are busy having their meal and the other kids are also busy munching on their food.  When its about time for Jollibee to go, Maki did say that POPO next!   He sure easily get accustomed with the mascot and his asking for more.  Eventually, Jollibee is the only mascot that we paid for maybe next time other mascots will do with Maki.

Maki did blow his candle without any help from Mommy and Daddy.  My son Maki is really witty sometimes.  Just before his birthday party we asked Maki what will he tell to Jollibee if he was asked how old is he?  Without any pause Maki answered "Mommy, Jollibee don't talk!"  Indeed, Maki was right about Jollibee not being able to talk on his own.  That's why Jollibee gave his birthday wish by making sign language and interpreted by the emcee.  His wish for Maki is for him to be loving, strong, smart and always happy.    The party ended and one by one people were saying good bye and kisses to Maki.

It was tiring but one good thing about party packages is that you don't have to worry about settling things after the party.  We thank everyone who came and also those who greeted Maki.  Though we weren't able to request the presence of everyone we love well what matters is the thought of being there for Maki.

Sunday, October 24

Looking for Rings

I remember the day when we were looking for wedding rings. We really get a hard time looking for the best ring for our wedding. There were so many designs to choose from, many kinds to wear, and most of them were really that expensive. We didn't know which one to choose, they were all beautiful and most of them are really great for the wedding. There were Gold Rings, White Gold Rings, Titanium Rings, Black Titanium Rings, Tungsten Rings, and a whole lot variety of rings. The only problem is that they were all too expensive for us. We don't have enough money for the very expensive ring. What we want is beautiful, simple, and affordable rings. We were so desperate in looking for wedding rings, until one of my wife's friend offered one of her friend who were in the jewelry business. She gave us some of the catalogs that they have and finally we found what we are looking for... beautiful, simple and affordable. We did get what we want!

Daddy Day Care: Preparing

Another Big day for Maki.  The preparation was not as intense as his first.  Of course every first is what really marks everything.  It is the start!  The beginning of everything, a new life, or a fresh beginning.  Though the celebration goes yearly, still, the first will be the most remembered occasion.  It really marks the existence .

At first we just wanted to celebrate in a very nice and simple celebration in the house.  A little food to liven up the party and of course don't forget the balloons.  But it seems that we are more having troubles or will be having more troubles of preparing and cleaning after.  Also since we don't have enough space to cater all those kids who are going to attend the party.  So the answer, we decided to avail the party package at Jollibee.

Since Maki has already his clothes, shoes and everything it's about time that Daddy and Mommy had their own time to get their own dresses.  A date!

Friday, October 22

Being Creative with Doughs

kids dough

If you're seeing your kids starting to like arts and crafts maybe it's about time that you buy him something to work on with. One example to make the creativity of your son to come out are the doughs. By molding and mashing the doughs they can come up with different shapes and figures.  But make sure that parents guide their kids if they are younger than three years old or better not let them play with it.

With the dough they can create lots of different figures just let them be imaginative and creative. You, Parents, should always be there playing with the kids if you want them to be safe. Always think of a child-friendly activities and toys.

This specific product from Kid' Dough which is distributed in all Toy Kingdom outlets can really let your kids become more creative.  It has different tools that they can use in creating their masterpieces. Doughs are not included in this package, they are sold separately.  So parents should buy another set of doughs for the kids to play with.  Another good thing is that it cost only about Php99.75 or a little more than $2. Always remember that toys are fun to play with but it is much safer if you play and guide your kids.

So what are toys does your kids play?

Monday, October 18

Monday Rush : Bad Weather

How many times have you encountered bad weather, more specially on a Monday morning when everyone is in rush to go to their office and school?  Well, I have met a lot.  There are times that I am caught with no umbrella or jacket at all.  Also, though I have my umbrella, the rain is just pouring very hard that you'll really get wet if you don't stop and look for a good shelter.  Another event is that I heard on the weather report that there will be a signal no. 1 storm but when I get out of the house there's a little bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds.  So, bad weather?  Just always be prepared for it you'll never know when will it strike hard.

Right now, the sky is cloudy with really few dark clouds.  According to the weather report a storm has already landed and we'd better be ready for it.    How about you?  What are your preparations?

Sunday, October 17

Daddy Day Care : One Busy Day

I was supposed to post this yesterday but due to tiredness and sleepiness I got knocked down on the bed with Maki.  I thought of a nap only but I was brought to dreamland.  I was sure tired yesterday.

Well, yesterday was one busy day for me and Maki.  We went to Circle and had our fun playing with his new remote control car.  That was my early gift for him.  We got the whole circle for us, Maki just went running around and chasing the car as if the whole place is his playground.  When he got tired or better say that I got tired of looking at him running around, we went to the kids play area with slides, swing, and climbing walls.  We stayed their for almost an hour.  Maki couldn't be stopped playing around, sliding and climbing.

Afternoon we went to Jollibee to set and confirmed Maki's birthday celebration.  Preparing for his birthday is really tiring.  Good thing about party packages is that you don't have to worry about the venue, food, games, and things that you need during parties.  All you have to worry about is the money to pay for that party package and services they offer.  During our stay at Jollibee they were preparing to post a banner about their activity this coming Holloween.  So we wanted Maki to be part of it of course to mingle with the other kids who are members of the Jollibee Kids Club.  So we got a ticket for Maki and Mommy to attend the Holloween Party.  So right now we are thinking of what costume Maki will wear.  Then we went to the grocery to buy some food and stuff for Maki.

The day were really busy and we had done so many things.  How about you how was your day?

Friday, October 15

Gear Wheel IQ Cube

gear wheel iq cube2gear wheel iq cube3gear wheel iq cube1

If you have your Rubik's Cube in you and you can't even get to solve the entire cube like me then I'm sure you won't make it also to solve this Gear Wheel IQ Cube. It is much complicated than the Rubik's Cube, unlike the Rubik's Cube you can't cheat on this one. You cannot simply remove it and place it back again. This one has gear on its side that makes it more complicated.

I'm sure Maki will be puzzled with this one. Maki hasn't learn about the Rubik's Cube yet but I would love him to learn it as early as possible and if he does it maybe that's the time that I will buy him this Gear Wheel IQ Cube. For now, I'll just learn with Maki on solving the Rubik's Cube.

I'm not sure if this is already available in the Philippines but if parents would like to buy one of this for their kids you can visit to purchase a set of this great Gear Wheel IQ Cube. They are shipping worldwide and this one only cost $11.90, I just don't know how much will be the shipping and the taxes once it reaches here in the Philippines.

I don't showcase this toys here to get commission or earnings, I just want to share the information that I see online that I know can help kids in their development. Toys like this should be given to kids to harness their minds and sharpen their IQ.

Wednesday, October 13

Little Big Club Show

There's a buzz buzzing around the blogosphere that there will be a show that will be staged at Aliw Theater and it is all about the characters that kids always love. So, who are they... well, who else but the kids favorite dinosaur, Barney and all of their friends together with Thomas, Bob the Builder and so much more. This will for sure enjoyed by the kids.

Little Big Club

How to get tickets? Well there are two ways to get it, one is you can buy it at any SM store and the other one is you can get it for free by simply winning the contest. To know the mechanics simply click this link Mechanics to Win Free Tickets.

Hope that we could win this!

Kid Preferring One Parent

I have read in that at this age Maki is now on preferring stage where he will prefer one parent than the other. According to it's their way of saying that "I don't want you because you're leaving me and I hate that you'll do it again". Kids doesn't know much how to express their feelings so they do it in this manner. To think of it, it is really annoying that your kid will prefer one parent than the other, which is normal to them specially if one of the parent is working away and the other is the one babysitting or commonly seen. So this means that they will always cling unto the one who's always there for them and pushes away the other parent who is away and working.

The situation is not really that bad because this can be solved by simply having activities together with both parents. In this manner the kid will have a notion that the parent he/she pushes away is not that bad at all. This maybe scheduled once both parents are present and with enough time together. More of a family bonding.

In our case Maki is the opposite. I'm the one who always away but he always prefer me specially when it is sleeping time. Maybe because he rarely see me that he wanted to spend more time with me. During weekends my wife make sure that we have our bonding moments. A little chit chat before we sleep, game time with all of us playing, or watching movies or tv are just some of the activities that we do together.

How about you how do you cope up with this kind of stage?

Monday, October 11

Monday Rush : Love Your Ride

I just find this cute advertisement of riding a bus and train in Singapore. They give emphasis on loving your ride. No matter what's the situation or what you've been through, still, you'd better love your ride. Also they show proper attitude and what people should do when you're riding a bus or a train.

I just pray that more Filipinos will know proper attitude on public vehicles. I wonder... can our government do the same? Maybe if there will be more Filipinos is concerned of our situation.

I also find an advertisement but this time it gives emphasis on riding the train. It's more of queuing. Waiting for the passengers inside the train to get out first before getting in. Maybe this should be practice here in our country. There are no queuing, everybody are rushing to get inside of the train. Here's the ad.

Sunday, October 10

Another Anniversary Another Milestone

Today is 10.10.10 and it is an interesting day to celebrate anniversary. The Puno UMC celebrates its 23rd Founding Anniversary, 23 years of serving the Lord, Stepping Out and Blazing Forward. We just thank God that we did make it early. We got there before the Worship Service starts. Though the number of worshipers were not as much compared to the other years, still there a lot of people who attended.

The church is blessed for having Dr. Barry Chant as God's messenger. As I understand he mainly talked about the letter of Paul to the Ephesians and greatly emphasized on these verses "Ephesians 1:17-18...
17That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:
18The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,
..."Calling and Spiritual Gifts". The understanding that we, as Christians, should use our gifts to serve the Lord for whatever calling reaches us.

The anniversary did end with a success and lots of blessings. As usual people always have lunch before they go home and for the kids Jollibee is there.

Saturday, October 9

Daddy Day Care : Patience

Does anyone knows how to make your kids behave pretty well? Perhaps there are no kids that behaves exactly what you want it or else they're not kids anymore but remote control robots. That's what keep me busy today with my son scolding him and teaching him to at least behave a little bit. We all know that kids, especially preschoolers, do like adventure and the more you keep them and instruct to avoid it the more they got curious about it.

Maki is starting to get more bad tantrums this days. Mommy and I are really getting a hard time making Maki obey and behave a little bit. It is really hard to practice good parenting, especially the no spanking and no harsh tone to kids. Sometimes you really need to raise your voice and show that you are mad and angry of what he did. Maki do respond to that by silencing himself and later on coming to me to say "no angry".

Patience is what parents should have in raising their kids. It really entails a lot of patience in teaching kids how to react and behave in times that it is really needed. Sometimes they would not really listen to you even if you get mad. The thing is that when they have decided that its a must its a must. But parents should not worry because there are still other ways to make them obey and divert their attention from what they like. One is to at least show that you listen to them when they are telling something. By doing this you can become their model and they can easily obey you and respond to what you want them to do. Though sometimes it fails but don't worry because it's only a small percentage. The other one is to direct their attention by making a story or looking at something else. Pretty much easy to tell but it takes practice to keep these kids. With kids you really need a long line of patience.

How about you how do you handle your kids?

Friday, October 8

Talk to Baby Digital Monitor


I don't think that this can is only consider as a Baby Digital Monitor. It can also be a good toy for kids more of a walkie talkie. LOL. Anyway this is one of the best and must have of first parents, especially those parents who are very busy. They easily do their chores and monitor their babies with the receivers. It is hard to just let your eyes and ears off of your kids in just a second. So I recommend that first parents should have this.

Sunday, October 3

What Does Problems Teaches Us?

We always face different kinds of problem and they differ in many ways but there's only one thing that is common they are all problems that need to be solved. As we solve these problems there are things leaned from it. It wasn't only given to keep us down but for us to learn from it.

Here are some that I can share for everyone as you face your own problems.  Problems....
  1. Teaches us to be aware of the effects of our decisions.
  2. Teaches us to be strong in facing those problems.
  3. Teaches to connect with others.
  4. Teaches us to be prayerful.
God is the way, the truth, the light and He is our stronghold. Whatever happens as long as we keep our faith to God things will get straightened up. Problems are good as learning tool so don’t worry about them. It will only gets worse when you worry more.

How about you how do you handle your problems?

Saturday, October 2

Daddy Day Care : Something Different

Our family has been through a lot of challenges this past few months.  Sometimes we did find ourselves wandering and thinking of some possible things to do.  Prayer is our only hold.  We often think that our minds are far greater but we are only dirt.  There is still a Being that is above us and shows ways for us to get out of the labyrinth of life... that is God.

It was a very stressful months that even I had manifested the symptoms.  I did went to the doctor for a check up but didn't find anything wrong with.  Meaning I have been soaked deep in the lake of stress.  Though I was able to loosen some of it, still, the feeling and the burden is there that's why we'll be having a family bonding today to loosen up those stress that we get.

Though with little resources we will try to have a very different day today.   Something fun but not too expensive.  Just something for the whole family to enjoy.

How about you what are you going to do or what did you do today?
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