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Monday, November 29

Viral Post for Mhel's Entry

I think today's posts are all about Mhel's contest and stuff.  So this post is about my support to Mhel's entry for the Sulit Christmas Card Contest.  Since I don't have any chance of grabbing the viral post I am just casting my help for Mhel's entry.  So here is her entry for the Sulit's Christmas Card Contest.

I'm supporting blankPixels' entry to Sulit's Christmas card-making contest. Click here for more details.

(Static version. Click here for the full animated Christmas card.)

BlankPixel's Thirty on 30

Today, though I'm one of the general sponsors of BlankPixel's (Mhel)  contest I have decided to participate. Since sponsors are also welcome to join the fun so here I am now making this blog post about BlankPixel's (Mhel) grand contest. So for those who wants to join the contest you still got one more day to do all things. So good luck to all of us!

There are lots of prizes at stake so better hurry and join before the deadline.

blankPixels' Thirty on 30 Blog Contest to celebrate her 30th birthday and Just Another Pixel's second anniversary!

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Monday Rush: Finishing A Project

Today is holiday, an additional day to rest my aching body err should I say an extra day to finish and rush my project.  Yes, I still need to rush and finish a project. Good thing about this is that it's not about work but my own personal project.  I have been creating and designing it during the weekend.  I'm in the rush to finish it before tomorrow because tomorrow is the deadline of the submission.  It's an entry for an online contest.  I pray that I could win some of their prizes.   At least one prize for me!


A Christmas Card Filled With Excitement

After thinking for quite sometime, I've finally come to the decision of which entry to submit. I know it's near late already but its better to submit than not at all. So below is my entry for the Sulit's "Create Your Own Sulit Christmas Card!".

Filipinos are always looking forward for this season, it is the time for family gatherings and reunions. Filipinos from abroad, if they can come home, make sure to be with their love ones during Christmas. For us Pinoys we value every moment that we are together, especially on Christmas Eve.

I remember way back during my Elementary years when my father decided to go abroad, it was sad missing him during Christmas. The only communication during that time was through letters and telephone. We don't have telephone during that time, you can only call abroad on PLDT center and PT&T (I think) which was a 10 to 15 minutes ride of jeep from our house. Communication was really hard during that time. Now, communication is simple and fast. Just one click of a button you can easily make a contact with relatives and friends from the province and abroad.

No matter what is the changes in our life there is no celebration of Christmas like Pinoy Christmas!

Theme:  "Pasko 2010: Pasko ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Makabagong Panahon"

This is the Static Version

Celebrate Christmas 2010 with, the leading online classified ads and buy and sell website in the Philippines.

This is the Animated Version
Celebrate Christmas 2010 with, the leading online classified ads and buy and sell website in the Philippines.

Saturday, November 27

A Host For Yashiro's Journal

It's been more than two years now since I started this blog and it has gone through so many changes. I have been contemplating if I'm going to have this blog its own domain and web hosting or not. I tried to look for some very good hosting plan but it seems that I can't find some good hosting plan and cheap at the same time, this makes me undecided. So while browsing for some good hosting plan I was able to catch this myhosting promo code, perhaps I can use this in getting my own domain and web hosting but for now I think I still need to think about it.

Daddy Day Care: Sleepy Saturday

The whole week is quite tiring, today we just relax and sleep. Sleep! Yes, just what we did today. Not sure if it is because of the activity during the whole week but it was good that we did some long sleep today it really rejuvenated our bodies. We're just thankful that Ate Lanie is here to take care of Maki I think we did have two sleep during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Of course we did not forget to have some bonding time with Maki. During the morning we did play RC and on the afternoon we did some computer games. On the late afternoon we went to Maki's pedia to have him checked up and was hoping if he could get his supposed vaccine shot. Unfortunately, Maki wasn't able to get his vaccine shot today because of the cough. His pedia gave him medicines to intake for the whole week. So we pray that by next Saturday he'll be okay and he will get his vaccine shot.

How you moms and dads how was your weekend?

Friday, November 26

Christmas Toys At Toy Kingdom

One month to go before Christmas and most people are now busy finalizing their lists of gifts to buy. Some people may have already bought their gifts and presents. So to give a glimpse of what's for Christmas at Toy Kingdom here are some of the toys available at Toy Kingdom.

Christmas ToysElephantcar

So whether you have already bought or planning to buy just check out some of the toys in Toy Kingdom. Just make sure to double check your list and don't missed out any of your beloved kids.

Wednesday, November 24

Bed Time Struggle

I know most moms will agree to this, putting your preschooler into bed is a struggle. Beds becomes an arena for the parent and the child. Well, not really an arena where gladiators fight but it is somewhat like taming the preschooler to go to bed so that mommy or daddy can continue what is left of the chores for the evening. The earlier the child go to be the better for him and also for the parents. Parents can still do some chores or activities until bed time.

Today, it's really hard to make kids fall asleep early. There are lots of distractions that affects the sleeping time of the child. The more they get to enjoy the hardier for them to put into bed.

Though it is a struggle it's challenging on the part of the parents to accomplish something like this. In my case, it is really a relief if I'm able to make my son go to bed as early as 9:00 PM. I think that only happens rarely and commonly when my son is really tired because of the whole day activity. His range of sleep is 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM and his up is around 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. I know it's not good for him and it's not good for his development. So we are really struggling to put him to bed early. I think we have done all the methods that we have read from different child book though some of them work a bit. Perhaps we need to be more strict on some matters in order for him to be on bed early and perhaps we will try to match the method on his mood.

So do you experience the same thing? What do you do to solve this kind of problem?

Tuesday, November 23

Insurance Assurance

Insurance is really an assurance for the future.  Nobody knows what will happen to us in the future so we better try to have a very good insurance.  I did try to get an insurance but unfortunately I was able to continue it because of some matters that really affected our financial stability.  Maybe once we have regained that stability I will continue my insurance.

For those who are planning to have insurance, I can say that try to get one it's your assurance.  You can avail insurances in different rates Term Life Insurance or Life Insurance depending on your chosen rate. So Buy Life Insurance and be assured. You can also get Life Insurance No Exam. For the local insurance company there are lots of them.  To get free insurance quotes in the United States just dial this toll free number 1-800-939-0710.

Monday, November 22

Monday Rush: Quick Exit

Quick exit!  Yes quick exit!  Does anyone tried to have a quick exit from a not so very serious conversation?  Well, I do have an experience like that.  It was a conversation instigated by the very same person that I did some quick exit.  She/he was the woman/man of the hour (I don't know if she/he is).  It was really hard to get out of a conversation started by a very talkative person.   Good if she's/he's talking with sense and you're getting some good insights but what is wrong is that it's all about her/his greatness.  Sometimes we really need and we have to do it so that the unwanted talk will be turned into something much more fruitful.  Or we can get out of the situation and try to look for something to do.  So if you're trying to do some quick exit do it as quickly as possible.

Sunday, November 21

Weekend Fun

Yesterday's post of Daddy Day Care were not posted because we did have a whole day affair... out of town, so instead of posting it under Daddy Day Care it will lined up with the family activities.

So what was the weekend fun? Well it's a visit to my wife's cousin, Nuvali, and Splash Mountain, all done in a day. Unfortunately, we did wake up around 2:30 AM just to get there as early in the morning as possible because we need to have breakfast first on the house of my wife's cousin. Together with my wife's relatives we went off to Laguna. Leaving our place at around 4:00 AM.
I think we traveled about more than two hours before we arrived in Calamba, Laguna. During the travel most of the kids were sleeping, getting some more energy for the day. The adults also did get some sleep. There were some photos taken during the travel, experimenting with the different features of the camera. Hahaha! I did get some cool shots while the jeep is running along the expressway.

The subdivision were pretty small but we did get lost because of some minor miscommunication. A little vague on the directions and details of the place. Anyway we did find the place. We had our breakfast. It's not that much according to Ate Recelie (my wife's cousin) but it sure fill up our empty stomachs. After the breakfast followed by a little chit chat, introductions, and play of the kids. It's good to meet them again and of course great for them also to see us. It's quite some time since the last time we meet. As I can remember it was five years ago and that was during our wedding.

After a few hours everyone prepared for our first destination... NUVALI! I haven't heard the name nor seen something about it, at first I thought it was NEW VALLEY. Anyway no matter what's the spelling as long as it sounded like it. Everybody got on board the jeep and according to Ate Res it's a few minutes away from Calamba. Indeed it was really a few minutes ride away from their house if you took the expressway. Hehehe! Since that's the shortest possible and fastest way then we used the expressway.
We did got to the place and everyone was amazed. Everyone I think were in awe, dropped their jaws. We got shy of our ride because most of them or should I say we were the only jeep in the place but it's good to know that the guards were pretty much accommodating. Their uniforms were quite different from the regular guards. It looked like a sheriff's uniform in the US. Maybe they did that to have a good standard on the place.
Since all the kids were very much excited to get into the boat ride most of them already run-off. Each boat can have twelve passengers including one free passenger ages from 2 or 3 I guess. Since we are twenty seven (27), we got two boats with two free one passenger and one will be left behind. Ate Res give way for that and she just watched all the belongings while waiting for us to come back. It was a 10 minute ride of the boat inside a man-made lake which surrounds the developed area of Nuvali. You can see that they really put a very much effort on making the place. I really don't know the idea if it is a theme park or a commercial hub but I find it very cool to visit especially on sunset. Since we don't have much time, we just took the opportunity to visit, do the boating and of course the fish feeding which I think all the kids enjoy doing. I don't know the numbers of the Kois but it was amazing to look at those fish waiting to be fed. It was like painting the water with yellow, orange, and red when feeding those fishes. When we did finish everything we went back to Calamba and went straight to Splash Mountain to have fun, swim and relax.

 While my wife and her cousin are negotiating I did find some few interesting subjects. I took the shot and experimented with the features of the digital camera. For me that's another thing to relax and rejuvenate my whole being. The delight in taking those photos.
 After a few minutes (I think) of negotiating we went inside the resort and settled ourselves. Since it's lunch time, we took our lunch and rested for a while. The place is good and it is not crowded. Unlike the other resort that we were going to check, you can clearly see outside of the gate that there were lots of people. By the way since it's Laguna, it is well known for hot springs.

Some of the kids really couldn't wait any longer that they decided to change clothes already and jump into the pool. The temperature of the pools were really great specially for my in-laws. Also it's good to relieved those annoying stress. So we did really get relaxed and relieved the stress. Maki was enjoying it too. We tried to teach him how to swim but we didn't get any luck of making Maki swim but he did to know how to wiggle his feet and sway his hands while riding his floats (I couldn't get the term for "salbabida"). We enjoyed the whole afternoon swimming without noticing that it was 5 PM already. We took the shower, packed up and went back to Ate Res house to wait for the traffic to subside.

We had our dinner on Ate Res house. Not much but it was good enough to fill those hungry tummies. We waited for a few hours before we left Ate Res house. I think it was 8:30 PM when left good enough to travel and to ease the driver from breaks and clutches during traffic.

While cruising the expressway, thinking that we will be in Quezon City in no time, an engine problem occurred. The driver were forced to drive it very slowly until we made it to the exit. Thank God that we made it safe. When we find a spot for them to check under the jeep they couldn't really say what's wrong but the jeep is running perfectly except for those clanking sounds. Since we don't have any means of transportation we were forced to take it very slowly. We went back in the expressway hoping not to be caught of driving really slow and since it is the only shortest way to reach Manila. When we reach the service area, the driver parked and for the second time tried to look for the problem. Then that was the time that they've noticed that it wasn't the engine but it was the tire. Some portion of the tire were already peeled off and that portion is the once banging which makes the clanking sounds. Thank God that we were safe. So they fixed it and a few minutes we're off again. This time they take it a little slower and with caution. It was 11:30 PM when we reached our home. It was really a tiring day but we were thankful to God that He did brought us back home safe and sound.

Saturday, November 20

Iron Man Mask

Iron Man Mask

I think most kids would love to have this mask on. I know that there are kids who just love Iron Man and I just wanted to share this Iron Man Mask to parents who would like to buy their kids with Iron Man toys. This is one good gift for your kids this coming Christmas. If you can't get it on store then better get this online.


Monday, November 15

Monday Rush: Transport Strike

I always post something rush during Mondays and today I just would like to tell about what had happened this morning.  I think I have experienced something like this when I was still in college.  It was really a heart pounding  experience because you never know if you're going to make it in the office on time or not.  As for me, I always  experienced being late, though I was able to get off of our house early.

This morning, which I actually doesn't know what was going on, I was almost couldn't make it on time on the meeting place.  Not because I woke up late but because there were a transport strike.  Making most of the commuters stranded or late in their works.

Sunday, November 14

The Power of Words

Today, we did go to church.  Though Ate Lanie was not around I was able to keep the house and also Maki.  It wasn't really that much to keep the house but what's really exhausting is keeping Maki.  It was really tiring but it was fun having the house for just the two of us.  I was able to keep Maki busy during my cooking and washing time.   So in other words we made it together without Ate Lanie in the house.

We were also able to go to the church today.  We had our normal Sunday Services, it's not contemporary.  Our Pastor's message was entitled "The Power of Words".   The power of words give emphasis on the way we use our words.  Jesus Christ did use words during his preaching and it was really powerful by simply commanding such words.  The passage can be found in Proverbs 18:21 "Death and life are in the power 1 of the tongue, 2 and those who love its use 3 will eat its fruit." So by means of words coming out of our lips it can give life or death to those it was spoken to. With that, we need to express positive thoughts and comments to others. Let us not make ill phrases to anyone, instead, let us be constructive in every words that comes out of our mouth and spread good praises to others.

Saturday, November 13

Daddy Day Care: A Little Relaxing Day

Today is just quite fine. Our day with Maki is okay and we just had our little day out. Just to let Maki get out of the house we visited one of the malls. It's quite far from our place but it's worth going there. We had our pm snacks and dinner at one of the Japanese Restaurant which offers unlimited rice.

While waiting for Mommy who pay for the food, Maki and I had a little pictorial of our own. Since we forgot to bring the digital camera we just used my cellphone camera. Though the pictures were few, actually it was only two shots of Maki, it turned out quite good and Maki looks good in it.

Maki noticed me using the chopsticks and he wanted to learn how to use the chopsticks so I demonstrated it to him and help him with the positioning of the sticks on his fingers. He did get it but the force of the fingers are still not good so he always resort to using his fingers and or using the spoon. He liked the food, the desert, and even the drinks which was cold so we just some how do something with the coldness of the drinks.

After we had our snack/dinner we went to one of the store to buy some electric bulbs for the sala. Our previous light was so dull that it was really hard to do things during at night, so we buy a new bulb which cost around or almost Php200. Then we headed to Toy Kingdom to try to look for his requested telescope but unfortunately we didn't find any. After that we head home and had soup on his Lola's house.

How about you?  How was your day today with you children?

Friday, November 12

Storytelling Comes Easy

In Your Own Voice Storytelling

Storytelling is what kids always want. They wanted their parents to do this every night and of course it is very tedious if its the same story repeatedly. So most parents try to buy bunch of story books to at least give their children some options on what book to read during the night. Also there are times that the kids will just want the same old book over and over again. It's sometimes annoying to hear them all over again. I used to have this kind of feeling because my son always love to repeat the story again and again.

This gadget will sure aid parents in Storytelling. They can just leave the recording and have their way with their date or anything that they will do during the night. So how does this thing works, well it is a pen-shaped voice recorder synchronized to some series of easy-peel stickers that is attached to a book's pages. Each stickers has a unique encoded pattern of dots (similar to a bar code) and each is associated with a voice recording stored on the pen's built-in memory. A child can simply points the pen at any stickers that they can find throughout the book. There are forty stickers with pre-recorded sound effects, including a laughing baby, meowing cat, ringing phone, ticking clock, fire engine, and more are included. Requires two AAA batteries.

Simple to own and simple to have. This can be bought for only $79.95.

What do you want for your early gift?

Monday, November 8

Monday Rush: Keeping Calm

I just wanted to have my Monday Rush with a simple stress relieving post. Keeping calm! We all know that keeping calm is really hard to do specially when you're on the edge of rage and anger. There are situations that we cannot contain much of ourselves when emotion is involve. Always the end result is rage and anger. We need to keep calm and focus at least during that time we can assess ourself and make necessary actions to certain events that we are into. I admit I often turn into rage when things weren't good.

What can you do to make yourself calm? For me I think the first to do is don't talk. When you start talking different words comes out of your lips and that's where it start so simply shut up and don't talk. Perhaps I will start to do that. If you're hearts starts pumping and if your blood turns like a boiling water just simply close your eyes and start a normal breathing. Now if all don't work walk away and leave the area. Well that's what my wife always do she drags me away of the situation to cool down the tension. Well, I will pray that I will always stay calm when things get worst.

Saturday, November 6

Daddy Day Care: Maki Alone With Ate

It was really sad thing to do, leaving our son alone with her Ate Lanie in the house. But what can we do we really need to work to earn a living. I really missed today's activity with Maki. I thought today will be something for us but unfortunately our work demands us to do our jobs.

According to his Ate Lanie they play and talk a lot today. Ate Lanie sure is getting a hard time talking with Maki. She sometimes couldn't answer much of Maki's questions. They also had their snacks. Maki's Tita Felisa together with Raphael visited them and brought some food. They ate and talk.

When we arrived Maki was still playing with Ate Lanie. We had our dinner together. After dinner we had our little bonding time and Maki was really talkative. His questions are never ending. I just pray that it will continue till his grows up.

So that's Maki's day today without Mommy and Danny in the house. How about you how was your child's day?


What is a dehumidifier? Dehumidifier is a household appliance that reduces the level of humidity in the air, commonly it is for health reason. The humidity in the house is highly affected by the changes in the weather. There is a greater possibility of high level of humidity when it is cold and raining. I remember one time that one of our cabinets grows a few molds on it. It’s really unpleasant to look at. Perhaps one dehumidifier UK in the house can make the humidity level normal and it can also stop the threats of fleas and cockroaches.

Friday, November 5



This is really something that kids should play with, a puzzle that will make them become more imaginative. Their imagination are really amazing and all that it needs is a little encouragement from us parents and a little boost on what they are doing. My son was also playing with a puzzle a little like this but its smaller and its plastic. I think the puzzle can be formed in three or four different position to form the square but for now Maki has only mastered one way of it.

This Imaginarium is composed of 34 wooden blocks enclosed in a box wagon. It has different shapes and colors. Kids can create more things out of this puzzle and just make sure to have all the pieces of it. This Imaginarium can be bought at TOYS R US for a price of Php699.75. If you're kids are starting to like puzzles and creative blocks try to give them this toy. I'm sure they will enjoy playing with this.

Monday, November 1

Monday Rush: All Saints Day

Today is Monday, no work, and no rush for today except for some personal things that I need to do. For now, all I do is take my time, rest and do some online activity. Me and my family just stayed at home, clean the house, and visit some of our relatives who are just walk away from our house. After having so much activity this weekend today is just calm, no rush, and solemn.

We did not go to the cemetery because of the traffic and the number of people that will for sure be there inside the cemetery. We can still go there any time so we will just have to pass this time and just take a silent moment in remembering them tonight.

How about you what did you do today?
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