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Friday, December 31

Unusual End of the Year

I don't know how unusual it is but today we'll be ending the 2010 and starting 2011 with a very different celebration. It's not the usual celebration with lots of fruits and other foods. We're not cramming and beating the clock before 12 midnight strikes. It's the simple and unusual. I just pray that fireworks accidents will be eradicated or least lessen. So to everyone a fruitful New Year Celebration!

Planner to Plan 2011

The Philippines and Beyond Blog is holding a giveaway contest. Prize is a rare leather starbucks planner. All that I need to do is answer one question. Very simple answer but I just don't know if my answer will convince the contest holder. Anyway here's what I have to say about it.

Q # 2: How do u plan to plan your 2011 with a planner?

Well a planner is what we all need, especially that I am working I really need a planner. It's more of an outline of what I will be doing for the next 365 days. Planning can really give you a headstart on everything so to start I'll be marking all the dates of birthdays and anniversaries of all the person that is important to me. By that I can completely plan out on how, what, and where to celebrate a certain occasion. Second, I will list down all the things that I want to have and accomplish for this year. So it will be outlined on when should I have accomplish that certain goal. The rest will be jot down as they come.

Just like in any situation there is the usual and shorter way and the is the shorter way to make your URLs shorter. Here's a sample of my shortened URL Try it and see for yourself!

Tuesday, December 28

My Significant Event for this Year

My significant event for this year... I have been thinking what will I write about this topic and I have been thinking it for the last twenty four hours. I don't really know which episode of my life will it be. Most of them are very important and significant to me. They are my treasures and they are the gold coins in my chest box. Picking one is like choosing from a list of love meals in a restaurant, the best seller.
Have you ever celebrated your anniversary? It's not necessary if it is your wedding anniversary or your puppy love anniversary what is important is if you have celebrated your anniversary. I'm sure most of you have already celebrated it in a fancy restaurant and in a very romantic place. Sparkling light, tasty and expensive foods, and lovely music. I wish I have done that. Reality bites!

For the last four years, our calendar is always marked with the date of our union. We haven't had any formal celebration of our anniversary. We only make the day with simple notes of greetings and kisses. A well home cooked dinner always fills my hunger and that's my wife's way of saying that she loves me. And sometimes we exchange gifts just to make the day special. Work has always been their as a wall but we still manage to have even in a very simpler way.
This year is quite different. A level up in the way we celebrate. We manage to have a date. Just the two of us! That's a very rare situation for us. We often go out together with our son but this time its just me and my wife. No little kid running around. It's like our first date again. Well to think of it it is really our first anniversary date after five years of being together. We had our dinner in a restaurant. Not fancy but well good enough to have a sumptuous meal. The celebration is not just a celebration of our union but also a celebration of life. Yes, life! Because we'll be having a new member in the family and that's a blessing that we are very thankful to God.

As we celebrate life and the season of Christmas I would like to give thanks to Batang Yagit and Jehzeel Laurente for having this Christmas Giveaway. May our life be Merry and Blessed!

Time Out Problem

Few months before our son turned three we have somewhat faced a new problem that's how to make him stop or how to make time outs whenever he is in hyper mode. It's like a bomb that has been set when he started his hyper mode. He would run around. He don't want to be carried or stopped when he is hyperactive playing and running. This is what we often faced when we are in the mall strolling around and he hyperactivity mode is switch on. When that started the chase is on.

With this, we often just let him run around until he slows down and feel kind of tired. That's the time that we get him to have time out and stopped for a while. It's really hard to impose rules. We usually talked to our son before we went to an event or place. We always tell him what to do and give rules when we get to the event or place but often those rules are not properly imposed. They are always discarded, especially when our son got plenty of playmates. It's hard to keep him tone down.

There are few things that we are tried and still trying to do to stop when it is time to stop. First is we try to divert his attention when he is in hyper mode. We try to make him look into another object or subject just to keep him slow. Second, we just let him do his thing but we are always on the look to whatever he does. Of course his safety is what we always think of. Third, if everything fails we try to show him that we are angry and are not happy that he is not listening to us. My wife and I sometimes give a little yell at him just to make him stop in which we know that it is not very well advisable. We only do that when it is really getting hard to call him and settle him down.

Maybe we need to read more parenting books to know how to tone down and impose time outs on our kid. We haven't really get much reading this time but maybe we'll get a good solution on how to make our son stop when it is time to stop or to have time out. For now, that's all that we know. So we want to know your side. What do you do when it is time to stop or time out?

Monday, December 27

Monday Rush: Christmas Aftermath

Thank God for Mondays like today! It's still holiday and gifts are still coming, not for us but for our son. Some of his Godparents are out of the country and others are far from our place which make it hard for us and for them to meet up. Still, some were able to send gifts to Maki. Our dilemma right now is where to put all his toys. It seems that our house has become a toy shop. Maki loves them all and wants to play them all. So we better be careful in walking around the house to avoid any accidents, especially Mommy. To all Maki's Godparents thank you and God bless.

Sunday, December 26

Holiday Gifts

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas day is already over but the spirit of sharing and giving is still up.  The holiday feast is still in the air and everyone is enjoying the season.  As for me and my family we did get through the holidays.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that sure did make our celebration a little bit different than the usual.   The decorations in the house are still up and will go until New Year’s Day.  That’s how we celebrate the Christmas season.  
Pier 1 Housewares
Pier 1 decors 2Pier 1 decors
Christmas decors set the mood of people during Christmas.  It is great to see people glaring and popping up their eyes when they see astonishing Christmas decors.   Unfortunately we don’t have that much Christmas decors in the house.  What we only have are a small Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and some few Christmas jollies on the wall.    Still, we were able to set our family in the mood for Christmas.  My son was very happy when we finish putting up the small Christmas tree with lights.  He even got more amazed when we light up the Christmas tree and the Christmas lights.  I clearly hear his reaction, he said “WOW” with a big glare in his eyes.   Maybe next year we will try to buy some more decorations and stuff for Christmas.  I’m sure by this time my will really appreciate it very much.  I was hoping that I can buy them online next year or if some of our friends want to send us a gift I would suggest the to get it from Pier 1.    I’ll just consider it as their holiday gifts for us.   I love to have as gifts those items on the Ornaments Section and Tabletop & Housewares Section.  Those items can really set the mood for Christmas.  
Aside from Christmas items, Pier 1 also got lots of interesting goods and bargains in their site.  They even got some cool tips and ideas for people who want to host their own parties.   You can also check their ideas about decors and style for the holiday party and tips on planning and having a party.   
Since it is Christmas, you can share your blessings to other kids by supporting Toys for Tots through Pier 1.  We all know that during November and December most of our bonuses are given to us so we might as well share those blessings to others.  You can either drop an unwrapped toy to their store or donate cash at the register.    Pier 1 also supports Toys for Tots by donating $1 for every new fan on their Pier 1 Imports Facebook account.   So if you want to be part of it be one of their fan and like their facebook account.

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Decors and Prayers

Image from Pier 1
I just wonder if next year we will have something like this in our house.  It's really nice to look at and my son will for sure love it.  I'm sure I will hear a big WOW from son once this look is set up in our house.  The only problem is will it fit in our house. Hahaha!  Just found this image in one of the website I'm browsing and I did find some interesting items there.  Anyway maybe next year will be something different for us.

Yes I am praying that next year will be something different for us because we will be becoming much more merrier.  They say that the more the merrier.  We'll be praying for our family for more blessings and good health.  Also we'll be praying for something new and something good with our finances.

Our Christmas day was something different than the usual.  What makes it different is the preacher and the message that we heard yesterday.  The preacher was Dr. Benoni Silva-Netto.  Physically, what I like about how he preach is his voice.  It's very massive, powerful, and articulate.  He pronounces every words clearly.  He really makes every eyes wide awake.  About his preach it was about God's grace and his gift of love.  The words that I remember about his are "Olalah!", Expensive, Expansive, and Extrvagant.  That's how he describes God's Love and Grace.  Yes God's Love and Grace is very Expensive, Expansive and Extravagant because God did stretch his arms on the cross for all of us who have sinned.   For sure everyone knows about this verse John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Friday, December 24

Christmas Eve (Noche Buena)

On our side of the world everyone are very busy right now!  Most people are on the rush preparing foods and gifts. Just like my wife preparing foods for the noche buena.  But before this we did a little gift giving to all the kids in our place.  They were all relatives and friends.  All the kids are very happy when they receive those gifts.  A few more hours and it will be Christmas day!  So for all who are going online tonight A Blessed Christmas to All.

Thursday, December 23

What I Want for Christmas

Christmas! A time of giving and the season for sharing. That's what makes Christmas a very joyous and busy season. The main reason that Christmas is Christmas is because of Christ. Without Christ there will be no Christmas. He is the main reason why we give and share. He did not give any materials but he gave his life for us so that we can all be saved. And that is Christmas is all about!
picture from
We all know that deep within our hearts we want also to receive any gift that can really make us feel glad and joyful this Christmas whether we are teens, yuppies, middle age, or the oldies. Also it is not bad to hope and pray for something that you really want. For me, there are things that I am praying to receive this Christmas. I don't care if it is a gift, a prize in a raffle or a reward as long as I get them legally.

I'm not a very geeky techie gadget savvy guy but I do love techie gadget stuff. So what am I praying to have this Christmas? Well... I'm praying to have this...
New Cellphone the Nokia C7
It's just not for me but for my family as well, especially for my little Maki. Kids today are really becoming very intelligent and fast learner. They can really learn things in a snap.

Okay why do I want to have it? Well... first it's free if I won it, second it will for sure help me a lot in my work whether it is full time or part time, third it has very cool features that I love, and fourth this will be my third Nokia cellphone and the very first advance phone that I will ever have.
My very first cellphone which I owe was a Nokia 3210 it was the fruit of my first hard earned money. The second is my present phone a Nokia 2330, my wife and I bought it as bundle with another cellphone. So the Nokia C7 will be my next cellphone and I am claiming it in Jesus name!

With this phone I can do a lot of things...
  • I can easily check my emails when I'm in mobile.
  • I can have bigger memory for video clips and photos for my son to watch and look just to keep him busy if where outside.
  • I can store and download more music for my listening pleasure especially when I run into a very heavy traffic.
  • I can easily organize all my plans and activities.
  • I can easily send SMS messages.
  • I can instantly take pictures of my son's pretty good smiles.
  • I can get connected with my love ones especially during holidays.
  • and the best of all I can do all these things in just a touch of a screen!
Now, isn't it something to have when your mobile?
So just what our Pastor has always tell it's not bad to have this things just learn to Pray and ask God then claim it.

Monday, December 20

Monday Rush: Creative Rush

Well I thought I won't have any rush today but I was wrong. First I was supposed to create a very well designed blog entry for the contest where I'm going to win a Nokia C7 (I'll be crossing my fingers here). Unfortunately right now I haven't done or created anything. I wanted to write it very well and convincingly good enough to win me a Nokia C7. So it's really hard to think when you only got a few days left to finish something creatively and well outlined blog post. So again I'll be crossing my fingers to finish it in time or before the time stop. With the holiday rush, Christmas Party preparation, and some other stuff that will sure keep me occupied can helped me not to finish that blog post. Anyway I just pray that I can create and submit it.

Second is the design rush, one of my officemates gave me a task to create a simple design which will be put as a design on the mug which we are going to give as gift for the attendees of the Christmas Party. Anyway I did create one and we'll just see what will it looked like.

Another rush thing that I need to do are my online activities which have entailed much delay and missed activities. I just pray I can at least cope with it. Anyway holiday break is almost near, just a few more days to go.

Sunday, December 19

Busy Weekend

A very busy weekend without church. I really missed church nowadays. Hayyyy! I think it was almost a month already that I haven't been to church. A very bad example for the young Christians and for my son. I pray that we will go to church this coming days.

Friday, December 17

Lego City Airport

lego airport

I really love Lego they make your imagination go wild. Building and stacking those blocks can sure lead to a very wonderful design and replica of a different kind like airplane, cars, buildings, boat, chopper, and a whole lot more. As long as your mind is creative and your patient enough to stack and build. Now if your kids love airplanes maybe this stuff is for them. This can really help them with their development. So parents if you want your kids to be creative and talented buy them something of use this Christmas. Just visit any toy shop that sell Lego items.


Monday, December 13

Monday Rush: Moving Out

Moving out! It's really hard to move out from something that you have been with for so many years. It's depressing to think that you'll be leaving the place that have nurtured you and teach you all the things that you need to learn. It's a place where memories are formed. We all know that everything changes and we need to move on and move out. It will be a big leap to experience new things and new environment. Now we're all in rush to place ourselves in our new place. Busy and busy perhaps two more days.

Car At Thirty

I always dream of having my own car.  I even planned to have one.  Though I haven't have my driver's license yet I'm looking forward for it.  I did some practice and learning from our company drivers.  I often asked questions regarding driving tips, dos and don'ts while driving.  After I got married I made a specific goal to have a car of my own at the age of thirty (30).  At thirty I should have been driving my own car.  Cruising it somewhere at the northern part of the Philippines or maybe down below the southern part.  Whatever and whenever it is as long as I'm driving my own car I'll be happy swing everywhere.    Unfortunately I'm already thirty one (31) and I still don't have a car.

I remember before when I was till a teenager, my friends who are wealthy already got their own car.  At that age they were already pros in driving their cars.  Me, I just ride, sit down and relax.  I did asked them before what will happen if they get an accident.  They only said, the insurance will handle it.  I see!  Now those friends of mine are already living in the U.S and I think they know about auto insurance seattle. Perhaps they are also using it now.

Christmas Giveaway from Pink Go Green

I know this is a bit late post but I just wanted to join on Pink Go Green's Christmas Giveaway. It's not that you're getting a chance to win prizes but it's fun also joining in giveaway and contest like this. You get to know other people and perhaps befriend with them. So if you wanted to enjoy, make friends, and win some prizes you might as well join in and have a great time. You can simply visit it here or click the banner below to go to Pink Go Green's Christmas Giveaway.

Christmas Giveaways

Sunday, December 12

Sunday Reflection for the Season

“But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship.” (Galatians 4:4-5)

Since Christmas Season is already here most of the topics today are about Christmas. I remember that we always look forward for this season. Not only that it is cold and gifts are abundant but this is the time that we always perform plays and choir singing. This is the season that most cartoons or animated movies are being shown. Most of their themes are... of course Christmas! The red, green, yellow and white colors can always be seen everywhere. They always paint the city with that colors because of those decorations and Christmas lights. Everyone are very busy! It is the season where Santa Claus appear almost everywhere. Thinking again and recalling those past events indeed we are getting very busy buying gifts and remembering people who we forget on our list.

I never did thought that having less money for Christmas will make me think something like this. Yes we are short on finances this coming Christmas. We don't have any bought gifts for our "inaanak" (Godson). It's almost half of the month already. A few days more and it's Christmas already. I think it really meant to happen for us. We have been skipping Church Services this past few Sundays. I know that my son and I can go to church without my wife but it seems that I'm not spiritually well. I'm ill from my present situation. Lack of motivation, stress from certain things, and unsure of any events. There are things that soars on top of my head hoping and praying to find some answers. I know God has already planned everything but I'm still murmuring a like little kid waiting for an answers. I know God has the answer and I will put my trust to God.

I know I should have been to Church today because of the revelation that God has given yesterday but due to some circumstances we weren't able to. It was A blessing and a new meaning of Christmas for me. It's life!

Saturday, December 11

Daddy Day Care: New Slippers & Blessing

Today, we went to our very important appointment. We don't want to be late! It was something that we are looking forward. We did get there just in time and Mommy just stayed relaxed during the whole event. Maki was already sleeping then and I also did fell asleep. Mommy's meeting is quite long and it took them a few minutes to finish it. When it was finish Maki which was lying on my shoulder still sleeping when we get of the venue. It was great to know that the result was fine. It was a blessing!
After that we went to SM, one of the mall here in our place, to buy Maki slippers, socks and others. We did use the gift check that was given to Maki by his Ninang Zarra. The gift check was unfamiliar to us, it was a sodexo gift check that's why we went first to the information area to ask if the gift check is valid and is accommodated in SM. Good thing that it was fine and is also connected with SM. We did look around and try to find Maki's slippers. We found two, one is rubber and the other is leather. When we asked Maki to try the leather, well... he didn't let it out of his already. He wore it and ignored his red slippers. We did buy him socks also plus a CD about a hound and a fox.

That's what's the day, simple and blessed. How about you how was your day?

Friday, December 10

Drum Set For Kids

drum set
Bruin Drum Set
from TOY's R US

While browsing online for some gift that I might give as gift for other kids, I stumble with this nice and cool toy. It's a drum set for kids ages 3 plus! It's a good toy for kids who seems to be musically inclined. It's a good start for kids who would love music. This can be get for only Php959.75.

According to experts, kids with great crafts should be given good attention to harness their skills and talents. If they are given enough attention they can really become good with their crafts. So parents should try to take a closer look of their kids and check if they are talented and gifted.

Wednesday, December 8

Locating An Apartment

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PROMOVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

Settling the family in a comfortable house and a friendly neighborhood is one of the top priorities of a father. A family that is getting bigger needs much bigger space. Kids do love to run around and play. The previous size of the house seems not suitable enough for our growing son. So what we did is that we tried to find a house that is convenient for us but we were unlucky to find something that will suit with our need. We did find an apartment but it took us time to locate it but we were not interested anymore.

Recently my sister’s family had move out of their apartment and lived with our parents for the meantime. Their previous apartment was too far from their work and since they have their baby already they need a very accessible house, especially when they are badly needed by the baby. They have been scouting the entire neighborhood for a good, budget-wise and comfortable house for them but they’re not fortunate enough to find one. They were also looking for apartments online but it seems that there are no websites that can help them with their search. If there are any sites, perhaps the search is really vague. Unlike the in the U.S., they can easily help you locate good apartments. Though their site is for Atlanta Apartments and Dallas Apartments it’s a good thing that they have a site like this that can help apartment locators. Aside from these they also have listings for Buckhead Apartments and Marietta Apartments to make it much easier to search for the best apartment.


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I know most people love to join contests and giveaways, especially the bloggers. Since I, too, want to win some prizes and stuff I now joined one of the bloggers online contests. Her blog is Life Can't Wait and this is her blog's first ever giveaway that's why she wanted this contest to be a success. Since I wanted her first giveaway to be a success I am joining this contest as support. So if you want to support Life Can't Wait's contest join now and be part of it.

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Monday, December 6

Monday Rush: Just In Time

Thank God I just arrive in time on the meeting place today. Just right in time for the arrival of the shuttle. Good thing that the PUJ does not run like a parader. Well reasons for waking up late is that I slept really late last night. I did clean the house yesterday it was a bit tough because of some old files that needs to be thrown away. After that I did find time to finish some of my online activities which leads me to sleep past midnight. So this morning I was glad that I was able to be on time. Though I was still really sleepy I just manage to take naps during the travel to our destination.

It is really hard to get out of the norms and the habits. It seems that racing with the clock and chasing the hands of time are already becoming my habit. I just hope that I won't be like this for a long period of time. I'll pray that I'll beat this habit before it strikes the alarm. I just don't know when but I will and maybe time will tell.

Sunday, December 5

Instant Loans Quick & Easy

Today we had the whole day cleaning the house and flipping some documents.  It's really hard to clean and keep the house tidy when it is run around by our little kid.  Toys are scattered around and there are no enough storage in the house.  It is like a gallery of toys.  We really need to expand the house and make more room for Maki.  With our present situation, the finances are really not enough and the only way we can find quick, easy and Instant Loans are through lending companies. They can really give Quick Loans specially if you have good records. Lending companies do investigate and look for your backgrounds, they often asks around your neighbors for informations and stuff that will help in their decisions. If you're good with no bad records and all clears with their investigation then you'll get quick and Easy Loans.

Maybe if we can get a good loan then that's the time that we're going to make room for Maki and for his toys. His toys are really invading the entire house.

Saturday, December 4

Daddy Day Care: Sleep & Something Else

Since it is weekend and we don't have anything to do aside from cleaning the house(which we haven't finished it yet) and doing online activities, Maki and I did some sleeps. We took turns in sleeps, since I woke up early this morning I slept for about two hours while this afternoon take his turn to take a nap. He slept for about an hour but was distracted by those walking walking and running outside the house. So I joined him on the bed and keep him company but while doing that I fell asleep also for a few minutes. That was the time that Maki told me that he had already poop on his shorts. "What!" Yes Maki didn't tell that his going to poop. Hay! Anyway his Ate Lanie did clean him.

Also this morning I did open my Facebook account and found out that most of my friends has already change their profile pictures to cartoons and animes. Animes and cartoons are already invading facebook. Now what was behind this invasion, well according to a post it's for a cause. Here's the post.
Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children.

It's good to know that more people are taking this seriously to support the call to stop violence against children.

My Facebook profile character is this...
Kenshin Himura 
of Samurai X
Now I know this looks like a violent picture but I can assure that the character is different.  He uses his sword only when it is needed.  I remember that I used to call this character as Kenji.  As you can see I really like Japanese characters and their discipline.   Kids can truly learn from him.  Swords are not to be drawn just to make a point.  Well that's all I can say about this character.

So have you change your Facebook Profile picture?

Crayola Goes Electric


How many of us parents remember the brand "Crayola"? Well for sure most of us did use and will not forget that brand because it has been an icon. Toddlers and preschoolers use them as their medium in creating their art works.

I remember that when I was in my elementary years I would always have crayola crayons at the start of the school year. Opening the box whether it is eights, twelve, or twenty four pieces as long as it is a crayon. Crayola crayons was my first art material.

Since everything has change already and there are more art materials are popping out of the market, the brand name Crayola is starting to wave off from the scene. But don't worry because Crayola is adapting with the situation. Crayola are now gone electric with their product "Color Wonder". Less mess and much more interesting to color things up, especially with those sound effects that will really turn kid's interest in coloring. To check out the whole features and details of this toy click here.

I'm sure eager parents are now asking where can we buy this amazing toy/coloring toy for our kids. Well you can click this link WHERE TO BUY for easy reference of all online stores that offers this. For those who are in the Philippines I just don't know whether it is available in TOYS R US but maybe you can check it out there. This can sure be one of the best Christmas Gift for the kids.
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