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Saturday, December 31

Happy New Year!

Let's face the year 2012 with great HOPE!  GOD BLESS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tuesday, December 27


This coming year is a great new year. It signifies a fresh start and a beginning, a pleasant year for everyone to create chapters in life. Though it represents new things, the year 2012 also shows signs of mixed thoughts. It is thought that it would be a year of commotion, a year of reckoning. Perhaps it will be if in this year we won’t let ourselves speak up and be heard.

Why do I need to speak up? There are numbers of reasons why, I need to speak because I want to air my opinions, my complaints about certain issues, my ideas that will somehow solve a problem and things that I believe in. These are just responses in a very small-scale and through a vague perspective of a husband and a Dad. However, the main reason is because I wanted change, for the better and for the good of others.

“I” alone will not be effective enough to be heard, but it is good enough to shatter the single-sided thought of people, cracking their monotonous idea of silence. The “I” needs to be changed to “We” in order to create a clear sound of response and protest. SPEAK UP! ALOUD!
Start to act and stop hiding in comfort zones.
Protect original contents.
Engage in addressing issues and concerns.
Adhere to what you’re fighting for and what you believe in.
Knowledge has always been the right tool in every battle.

Uplift affected people.
Pray for the enlightenment of our thoughts.

Aim for a positive outcome.
Learn and be more sensitive.
Off or zero with negative words and phrases.
Unite clashing thoughts and become a catalyst of change.
Do it right with dignity.

If each and everyone will do this perhaps there will be a clear voice on every issue. Some of those issues are the cyber bullying with Charice Pampangco and Chris Lao, the Campaign Against Child Abuse which I should have much to say something about this because I have been a Child's right activist since I was in college, and the No To Piracy Campaign in which the OPMs are aiming for a better result with the help of bloggers.  There were issues also like the sharing of unverified information or misinformation that made a commotion before by airing an outdated picture, the plagiarism and copyright infringement which is happening in the blogging world, and of course, Environmental issues which are still a concern not only locally but globally.

Technology has been a great tool in speaking up. It defies space and boundaries. Given the fact that most people now are using the internet technology, it is easier and faster to communicate with each other. It is much louder in airing what we are resisting for. SPEAK UP! ALOUD! on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m a Dad and home is where everything start.  As what I have been advocating since college and will always be standing for it, I SPEAK UP for the Campaign Against Child Abuse and for the Care of the Environment! Let your voice be heard, online and offline.

Monday, December 26

My Son Gelo

It's been seven months now and I haven't blogged about my son Gelo, except for the day he was brought out of this world.  Perhaps now I can write and describe more about my son Gelo.  To start his full name was Gelo Malikha.  At first I wanted him to be called "Malik" for his nickname to make it something different and since my first son also has three names including his nickname also but my wife insisted to call him Gelo.  Maybe he'll get to choose which name he would prefer when he gets older.

My youngest son, Gelo Malikha
His a pre-term baby so it's really hard for him to get sick.  His much prone to get infected if there are other kids who's ill.  That's why just recently he was brought to the hospital because of his near broncho-pneumnia condition.  His pedia did really take care of him.  It was a few days before Christmas and we don't mind spending a big chunk of our finances just to make him well.  Of course some of our friends online and offline send it their help to us and we are very thankful.  The word of THANKS isn't enough for all their help.  Now, our son Gelo is well and we trying keep him healthy specially with weather and climate condition at present.

A Househusband?

Well being the man of the house is not really easy at all.  Who says being a Dad is easy?  The real role of Dads are not only to provide the family needs but its also about being a man who can stand firm for his family no matter what is his state.

Yesterday was the start of the showing of the entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival.  My family were able to witness the long lines on all cinemas.  Too bad our present state couldn't let us watch any of those entries for the MMFF.  How I pray for someone to provide at least four passes for my family for one of any of the movies.  All of the movies were great in their own respective genre but there's one that I can say that being a Daddy blogger I can relate to it.  The title of the movie is "My Househusband: Ikaw Na!"  The movie is about a husband who lost his job and become a househusband.  Quite interesting because of the present state of each family, especially for those who lives in the metro.  In this movie, it's about family relationship that is present in today's generation both husband and wife are working; husband stays in the house and the wife is working; and wife is a bread-winner.

I'm a Daddy blogger who blogs about my experiences with my two sons.  I'm happy that Dads are now being presented as someone who can do things what Moms can do.  Of course don't include the bearing of the child for 9 months and the breast feeding.  That is solely for the Moms and we commend them for that strength and patience.

Perhaps it would be a realization for those who thought that when you're a househusband it means your overpowered by the wife, it is just a matter of circumstances and what's wrong if Dads will do the Mom things. It doesn't make Dads less macho.

Anyway if you want to watch the movie My Househusband just visit the cinemas.  I think they'll be running this movie until next year.  If you watch or have watched it already spare some time to comment here and give a little bit of info but not to the point of telling the whole story.  Just a little something that you have learned in the movie.  Looking forward for you comments...

Sunday, December 25

A Blessed Christmas To All!

Though we were celebrating Christmas with less gifts and goodies, still the spirit of Christmas is up.  We just want to greet everyone a blessed Christmas to all of the readers of this blog and to those also who just happened to pass by and have a peek.



Christ should be the center of this day, gifts are just the end product of our faithfulness to GOD.

Wednesday, December 21

Prelude To Our Christmas

A few more days before Christmas and we don't know if we will still have electricity that time.  Our kids' milk cans are already empty.  Telephone bills are also piling up.  We're still praying to the Lord.

This quarter have been very hard for us.  Lots of unwanted events came up and causes us to use most of our resources.  We're at our deepest moment, still we're holding on to the promise of God.

We are thankful because we still have dishes to prepare for the Christmas Eve.  Not much but its well enough to have it with our family together.

A few more days before Christmas...  GOD WILL MAKE A WAY... for us and for the rest of the Filipino people who are affected by Typhoon Sendong.

Sunday, December 18

Crisis In Different Faces

Its been almost a month or a month already since I made my last post here in my life and parenting blog.  Daddy Yashiro has been into some part of a life where the needs and opportunities have been very limited.  Yes, our family is in crisis.  Whatever the crisis we are facing right now are just some of its many faces.

You may have seen me laughing and grinning on every jokes but it is just the facade of everything to hide what is the real situation.   I'm not writing this now to let everyone know the situation but be an inspiration to those who are struggling and experiencing the different faces of crisis. 

Yes, there were times that we are counting every single coins that we have in our pocket.   The saying "hindi mabubuo ang piso kung walang bentesingko!" (A peso will not be complete without the twenty five cents!) is really true, especially now that we are facing one of the crisis in our life.  Be thankful to God for whatever we have is what we always say.  Everything is a blessing and God has a plan for everything.

Recently, our youngest son was brought to the hospital, it was near broncho pneumonia but we are thankful to God that it was given immediate medication.  Of course the hospitalization is not free and we need to raise money for that and we are thankful that God lead us to people that we can talk to and lend some money to us.  Right now our son is in our house already but still taking some medications. 

God has always been faithful to us though there are times that we are not doing our part as a Christian. 


Featured Blog: My Simple Life

Our featured blog for today is My Simple Life from Mommy Kayth. I like the design of her blog and I find it cute, especially the moving clouds.

I don't have much things on my head right now so I pasted here what is about her from her "About Me" page.

Hi there Its me Kayth or Kasai, why Kasai? It means "Fire", a name given to me last 2004 when I joined a Japanese company and since then I retain it as my alias.
My Simple Life is created last November 31 of 2009 out my boredom and constant search of some online freebies.
It contains mostly of online Contest and other Money-Making Opportunities I can find around the net.
Aside from online promo's, you can occasionally read my rants about being a Mom, House/Home maker and even my daily experiences. It is a personal blog of a Woman who got a lot of things in her hand and hoping to contribute something to someone who bumps in my site

I also accept advertisement and reviews of anything and everything that I find acceptable to my norms and practices.
I don't have any professional training in writing though I try so much to improve my grammar you can constantly bump into my erroneous writings. I am giving my reader the privilege to correct me.
This blog is still young and you will find it constantly renovating :)
BTW, My Simple Life is living a career life in Singapore as of the moment and jogging back to Philippines every now and then as often as airfare ticket goes on sale.

Tuesday, December 13

Featured Blog: Blogging Park

In our world we have so many parks and as I think of it a lot of them were named in personalities, cities or places and some were named after a character in a movie of the movie itself.  Park has always been the sanctuary of most people who look for solemnity, fun, and perhaps excitement but for this particular park its quite different because this park can only be seen inside the world wide web and specifically it's called Blogging Park.

So what does Blogging Park is all about?  According to its author...
Blogging Park is for Sharing blogging experience,blogging tips,seo,money making idea,online money making tips,home base job,micro-work,freelance work,fun,Indian culture,news,Indian movies,sports,Personal happening in life.Its a simple and straight platform for expressing every blog happening.Do come,visit us and let share your expression with us.
The author is Manas kabiraj, his been blogging since 2007 and started his blogging journey from blogspot.  He loves to write everything about A to Z of blogging with the help of his blogging experience, basically according to him.

So if you got any time to read, try reading some of his works.

Friday, November 25

Friday Toys: Air Swimmers Flying RC

I'm sure most of Pinoys, especially the parents, have already seen this shark and clown fish already.  Of course the clown fish and shark has been part of the weekly task of the housemates of the Pinoy Big Brother.  The Clown fish was called Fifi (I think this is how they spell it).  During it's first appearance in the Pinoy Big Brother house it was lost and was flown away of the house.  Then when it came back inside the house, a shark was with it as part of the obstacle of the housemates task.

I'm sure this Air Swimmers Flying RC are great toys for the little kids and cute ones of the family.  They will enjoy controlling these as they play with it.  One of its feature is that it can last for one week before it deflates.

I was delighted to see that this RC toys can be bought online at for only $39.99.  Not sure much of the shipping cost but perhaps those who really can afford will be able to get one of these.  So Moms and Dads get one of this for your kids.

source 1
source 2

Thursday, November 24

Featured Blog: Fashion Is My Passion

There are lots of Fashion bloggers that can be found in the world wide web and perhaps this blog is one of them.  Our featured blog for today is more about Fashion and how she consider it as her passion.

It is very much clear that this blogger loves fashion and it shows on posts and articles.  This blogger is also the author of the "My Online Journeys" so for this particular blog she's exhaling her thoughts and desires about fashion.

If you want to know more about her styles about fashion better head on to her blog at Fashion Is My Passion.

Tuesday, November 22

Calamba Family Getaway

Last month, our family was able to have an out of town and an overnight stay activity somewhere in Laguna. First, it is the nearest province in Metro Manila which is a lot easier to go with; second, my wife’s cousin lives there and lastly, it’s their family reunion on her father’s side.

The Reunion was held this year because one of their cousins from abroad came home and was also one of the sponsors of the gathering. That’s why they have it outside of the metro.

It is our family’s first time to go on an out of town and overnight trip. Unfortunately, I need to get a one day leave of absence from work just to enjoy the getaway. It’s a family getaway!

The entire family (not the whole clan actually) were very much excited and thrilled about the event. I’m sure most of the kids and teens couldn’t wait for that day but of course they couldn’t pull the time faster just to arrive on that day already. Most of them prepared a lot like floaters, swimsuits, snacks, and other things to enjoy during the family getaway.

Swimming did become the major activity. When we arrived at the place, the kids are very eager to jump into the swimming pool. Of course we need to settle first before anything else and kids are not allowed to go alone without the supervision of any adult. So, they were kept on hold until everything was okay.

The place is located in Brgy. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna, it is just downhill of the famous Mt. Makiling. It is called Rockpoint Hotel, a hot spring resort and hotel with lots of good things to enjoy. As we all know Laguna is well known for their hot spring and quite the number of resorts, one of them is the Rockpoint Hotel.

Rockpoint Hotel is not a very big hotel but just a nice comfy and refreshing place where anyone can experience good relaxation. The hotel offers different amenities for their guests like their swimming pool (which I think most of the time of the kids was spent there), their restaurant, their videoke bar, their spa, and a whole lot more which makes it more relaxing to enjoy the vacation. The place was good for just a right number of guests. I think after this blog post they’ll be needing more staff to accommodate a lot of guests (hopefully I could convince readers and others to try it there).

For me, though I was taking care of the kids, I did enjoy and had relaxed a bit and removed some chunks of stress in me. It is just enough to be rejuvenated and energized again for the next working days.

After our stay and experience at the hotel we also visited some known places in Calamba, Laguna but before the small tour we did have our lunch first at Ate Recelie’s (my wife’s cousin) house. Since Ate Recelie was a Yakult Lady the kids enjoyed the refreshment and goodness of Yakult (advertising the product, hehehe).

When lunch was over we started our small tour of the province. First was the statue of Rizal near the municipal hall (I think. Not really sure about this). Then we passed by at the famous “Bahay Ni Rizal”, we didn’t bother to get inside because we got a lot of kids with us and we don’t want to get into trouble. Lastly, we get to Nuvali to let the kids enjoy feeding the fish. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite good and did a little shower that caused us to end the day and went home.

A nice family getaway! I just hoped next time much longer days.

Sunday, November 20

Sunday Service: At Last We Are Back

Yes!  We are back in attending church every Sunday.  For quite some time we have been out in the realm of Church during Sundays.  There's no valid reason for not attending Church.

Still We are thankful for the blessings.  It is indeed that God provides not as what we wanted it but in His own way, time and place.

Another thing we are thankful is that our son, Maki has joined the junior worship and was able to mingle with the other kids.  We asked him if his going to join next Sunday, he joyfully answered "yes mommy and daddy!"  Thank God!

We will be sharing again Good News from the Lord and some of the Sunday Service Messages.   Maybe we will also be capturing it in video and sharing it here on this blog.  For now our PC is down though it is down we are still able to update some of our blogs (like this post) and facebook accounts with my sister's laptop.  We're just borrowing it!  I pray to God for a brand new desktop computer that we will be using not only as a source of income but a way to spread God's power.

Our pastor said that when praying for something be specific so I'll be praying A BRAND NEW ASUS DESKTOP PC (Quadcore) Newest model and also I'm praying for a laptop for my wife an ASUS Laptop.

God knows all our needs and all we need is to ask and be specific!  Thank God for everything!

Watch out for next Sunday's Service Message!

Saturday, November 19

Daddy Day Care: Half half half!

My activity today is half half and half.  The first part of the day was spent together with my kids. They woke up early and since Mommy went to office, the first hours of the morning is for all of us.  Tita Felisa didn't arrived early that's why.

When Felisa arrived I get a chance to do one blog post about the launching event of an indie band and since I'm only using my sister's laptop, I need to finish the post immediately.   They'll be using the laptop after lunch.  Whew!  What a rush!  And take note we have a lunch time appointment with the stars (hehehe).

After finishing the post I hurriedly took a bath, put on clothes, say see you later to our kids, and went off to meet with my wife.

We arrived at the venue, meet and greet with the other bloggers, and had lunch.   It was the Press Conference of the movie "Won't Last a Day Without You" of Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson.  The event ended around past 2 pm I think and we went home.

It was tiring so I took a rest and a nap to at least energize my body.  When I woke up my role as a Dad continues, I do the laundry of the kids clothes.  Whew!  Good thing I take a rest.

It was a day for me!  At least I have washed the kids' clothes.

Friday, November 18

Friday Toys: Strumdrumano

I really missed posting toys for kids during Fridays.  I think I have been off from writing blog post about toys for more than a month already.  Though I was able to write some still it is not regular.  I'm sure a lot of Moms and Dads out there are reading some of my posts especially this part because I'm sure they are wondering what's good and what's in for their kids.  So now I'm back and I pray that I will be posting more toy reviews for the kids and kids-at-heart.

For this Friday we will be reviewing about this musical toy called Strumdrumano.  Since my elder kid is already learning to play some instrument I might as well review one like this.  

Strumdrumano is a mix of three musical instruments, a guitar, a drum and a piano.  Strum is for the guitar, the drum is for drum set, and the ano is for the suffix of the piano.  Mix them all you got Strumdrumano.  Though the whole set is in the form of a guitar the other two instruments can be located at the other side of the guitar, as you can see in the picture above.

Simple but it can be a start up learning for kids who wants to be inclined to music.  A single strum, a little stomp and a point of a finger can start a musical.  

This toy is powered by four AA batteries but it is much better and recommended to buy four rechargeable batteries to avoid too much expense on buying batteries.  Of course lets be environment-friendly.

This cool musical instrument cost about $69.95.  You can check it out on this site Strumdrumano.

Dad's URBAN Reason To Win Radii Shoes


On the street, it's not about what you've got, but what you can do with what you have

Inspired by the raw originality of the street is a store that brings modern urban lifestyle to the forefront: urbanAthletics.

urbanAthletics bravely combines athleticism with urban fashion.

As new fashion forms broke out across the globe, we saw how sportswear evolved into streetwear, and vice versa. This fashion phenomenon led us to bring together elements from skateboarding, parkour, music, street culture and everything in between to allow every urban hipster invest new styles and make a statement on the streets.....

So this is my reason why should Urban Athletics choose me to have a new pair of Radii Shoes and of course that's for being a Dad.

Under certain circumstances I live in an urban area and shoes are necessary.
Reality check, I need a pair of shoes that will not only give comfort as I go around the urban but of course it should have a brand of a life style as I enjoy Pinoy Urban Music.
Basically, Dads does not only do work and babysitting, we also mingle and live around the metro, we do fashion as well.
Athletes are not the only ones who needs comfort for their feet, Dads does need it also and Urban Athletics provide a lot of shoes to choose from.
Naturally, Dads are more effective model of the brand, we can be hip, we can be cool, we can be athletic, casual or rugged.  We are the new breed of models.

Now, are you convince enough to choose me or do I have to spell out ATHLETICS!

Now, everyone still have a chance to join and win a new pair of Radii shoes just drop by at and read the mechanics.

Tuesday, November 15

Family Cook Book Project

What's the best way for the whole family to enjoy? Well what else... cooking! Yes one of the best activities that family enjoys is cooking. Everyone can participate and learn on the activity. Aside from the enjoyment it brings certain menus of the family can be preserve and pass on to the next generation.

So what does they say about the Family Cookbook Project...

 It’s easy, fun and affordable to create and print your own family cookbook. Family cookbooks are an important way to preserve our mealtime traditions for future generations. With the passing of our loved ones comes the loss of treasured food traditions. Once the recipes are preserved online, they can be shared with other family members by email, individual printed recipes or your own professionally printed cookbook. 

 What are the highlights? 

Create a full color family cookbook – it’s easy and fun! Invite family and friends to enter recipes and stories (you don’t have to do all the work!) It’s a family heirloom that will be treasured for generations Great for family reunions, wedding gifts and groups Works great on PCs, Macs and iPads Choose recipe layouts, covers, dividers and more (1000s of combinations) Upload your own photos for recipes, covers & dividers, too Print to your PC, a local printer like Kinko’s or have our professional team print for you Have a Kindle or iPad? You can put your cookbook on that, too! 

So get started and print your own family cook book!

SOYAMI... The Healthy Way!

Ever since I was diagnosed with kidney stones and undergone treatment, eating chips and other snacks has been my number one problem.  Before it was my pass time.  I eat different chips and snack foods. It was good and fulfilling eating those alternative snacks.  Of course I know it's not that healthy but hey it taste good.  Then the day come and I was brought to the doctor.   The doctor advised me to keep off from salty foods which means chips are off already.

It was really hard keeping myself from eating any chips and other snack food.  I was off with it for nearly a year.  I tell it was really hard not giving into temptation of the food.  It was a struggle!  If you were watching those movies of addicts getting off with the dopes, it was almost like that but good thing it was just chips.

When I heard about this new snacks I was thrilled to have it.  So to enjoy my cravings for chips and of course enjoying it without the guilt I looked for it in a grocery store.  Good thing that it was already available in some small grocery stores.  So I get one and tried it for myself.

I opened one small pack of SOYAMI original flavor!  Tasted it! Boom it was just right for my taste.  No msg and the taste is not too salty.  Good for my snacking time!  I greatly recommend it to others, especially to those who have been diagnose with kidney or cholesterol problems.  It is indeed a healthy way to snack around.  It's SOYAMI!

Visit their site for some more details

The Danger of Escalator

While browsing my Facebook account for some updates from friends and other people, one of my friend shared a photo of an incident which parents should not take for granted.    I remember also one incident that happened in one of the malls and fortunately they were able to remove the shoes first before it reach the end of the escalator.  Yes it was an incident in an escalator.  

Most of us think that escalators are very much safe but what we don't know is that one single lace or any part of our clothing pinch in to the openings will eventually eat it up and the next thing we know we're caught in it.  It may be severe or it may be mild.  

Like what happened to this kid's foot which was caught in the side part of the escalator.  Though the kid was with her parents accident occurred.  

The picture of the incident circulating in networking sites.
Maybe this should be a precaution to all us, parents, when going to the malls and riding on the escalators.  Don't let the kids play on the side part or any part of the escalator.  We parents should as much as possible keep our kids safe.  Accidents happen any time and any where so let's all better be safe.  


Saturday, November 12

Daddy Day Care: The Magical Kingdom of Christmas

It’s Saturday and it is just right timing for the Daddy Day Care portion of this blog. For today, I was given a chance to be invited in one of the launching event of SM ChriSM Christmas Campaign at SM Fairview. Of course I requested if I could bring along my kids with me so that they can also enjoy the event and since it is themed for Christmas. Fortunately, my whole family was there and since my wife is also a blogger, her blog is MAG of My Life.

My wife and I preferred SM Fairview because the transportation is much easier. Since we have the kids with us, easy and comfortable transportation is really a must. Aside from that my family is much familiar with the place.

Christmas is really in the air! Everyone was in red which matches the decorations and designs in the venue. The reindeer and Pegasus designs in the event area were really great and my son was mesmerized. He keeps on pointing at it and asking what was it.

We were settled and hoped that we will be able to get good shots of their presentations. The SM ChriSMs Christmas Campaign in SM Fairview is entitled “The Magical Kingdom of Christmas”. It’s an almost all Christmas star cast! The Gingerbread Man was there, Frosty The Snowman, The NutCracker, The Royal Family was there and of course Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the Big Man in the Red Suit himself, Santa Claus. It was really a joyful event.

Here’s more of the launching story…

Press Release

In the mountainous land of ice and snow, over the mighty river running south, lies a bright, shining kingdom so intense that it dazzles the eyes - The Magical Kingdom of Christmas. This is the depiction of what was unveiled in Grand Christmas Ball and Launch last Nov. 12 at SM City Fairview.

The Magical Kingdom of Christmas is the official centrepiece of SM City Fairview this year. The set-up is quite different from the usual Christmas centrepiece as it highlights not only the castle but also the trompe l’oeil - a painting which is cleverly designed to trick people into thinking that the objects represented in it are really there.

The launching was attended by Engr. Bien Mateo, VP for Operations and some officials of SM City Fairview. Mr. Mateo said in his message that this year’s theme is a tribute to the youngest customers and he invites everyone to help make every child feel the spirit, understand the true meaning of Christmas- giving.

One of the guest of honors, Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, echoed in her inspirational speech the joy Christmas brings to the whole family, children and community. Also present are the distinguished women in public service - Brgy. Captain Evangeline Dungca - Pasong Putik, Councilor Aly Medalla and Councilor Candy Medina of 2nd District, QC and Gov. Grace Padaca.

Highlight of the launch was the unveiling through a musical play which revolves around the young commoner named Gretel who was invited in the Grand Christmas Ball at the Christmas Kingdom along with the various Christmas characters such as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Nutcracker, Frosty the Snowman etc. The theatrical unveiling of the castle was even emphasized with the 100-member choir singing the official Christmas jingle “SM ChriSMs” which was originally sang by Maria Aragon, an internet child star sensation. Being that this year’s inspiration is the children, Santa Claus delightedly gave out gifts to the kids of Autism Society of the Philippines – Greater Lagro Chapter.

With this Christmas Launch, which kicked off simultaneously in all SM Supermalls nationwide, shoppers can expect a series of grand activities throughout the holiday season like the Santa Meet and Greet, Strings of Christmas, the Christmas Musicale, Caroling Cheers, Fireworks Display and the Santa Convention, a unique Christmas event at SM City Fairview, that aims to gather the best give givers in town on Dec. 18.

The Magical Kingdom of Christmas is waiting for you only at SM City Fairview until Jan. 8. For inquiries, you may call SM City Fairview Marketing Department at 9368388 loc 120.

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