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Friday, January 28

3D Giant Chalk

As we all know Crayola has been part of our childhood days and Crayola has always been our tutor when it comes to arts.   They have been our ally when doing our artworks.  It always stand beside us when competitions are always in heat.   So how was the big Crayola name is doing now.  Well since everything has improved and developed I think Crayola has done its part of developing as well and they show it with their latest 3D Giant Chalk.  At first, I thought it was just the same with the usual coloring material but reading through the features of this new chalk I think it made me awe.

The four giant chalks are just the same with the usual chalk but what is cool about this is that when you use a special glasses provided and included in the package you'll be able to make those drawn chalks pop out of the ground.  I think this is great for kids and they will sure love it.  I just hope that if I bought one of this Maki will just write on one specific place.  We all know that kids are explorers so who knows what will happen then.  We'll just cross the bridge when we get there.  For now try one of this for you kids.



  1. Wow, are those available locally kaya? Those would be cool!

  2. @verabear - not sure kung meron na locally. I just seen it on a site then I check the crayola site. It is really cool! Sana nga meron na locally.


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