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Tuesday, January 11

Baby Things

It’s over three years already when our first child was born, good thing that we did save some of the baby clothes, feeding bottles, and others things needed by the baby. Most of them are still good and still usable but the others we will just find ways for their use. We haven’t known yet if it is a boy or a girl so we are still on hold of buying things that our baby will need.

There are lots of things that we still have to buy, especially if it is a baby girl because we still don’t have any thing that is for a girl. I don’t know yet if the crib is still okay or we’ll just have to buy a new one. Another baby gear that I wanted to buy is the baby bouncer chairs though the crib is quite good enough I find the chair much more minimalist. Also you can easily move around the house without the hassle of the crib most especially if the house is not quite big. I just pray that we’ll have enough finances to accommodate this one.

I and my wife are really excited to know our baby’s gender. We both wanted to have a baby girl and that’s what we are praying.
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