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Friday, January 7

Celebration, Worries, and Farewell

I think it's already past midnight and the date that my wife was born has already ended.  Yes, it is my wife's birthday a few minutes ago.  That was her very special day.  She took her vacation leave just to spend the whole day here in our house, taking care and playing with our son.

Just the other day we were planning on what to do during the night of her birthday.  We then decided to go to Starbucks and treat her with a only Choco drink beverages.  I really doesn't know if they do have one but I still insisted since I am going to claim the Starbucks Planner which was a gift from one of our "Ninong" (Godfather). So we were settled then and that's what we are going to do.

When the day of her birthday came which was 6th of January and the sun had already moved high into the sky a not very good text message came into my cellphone.  Our nephew had already ended his contract with the living and is now travelling onto the other side.  He was the same nephew that had become one of my blog contest's beneficiary.  He was undergoing dialysis.  His case was very rare because his kidney did not develop as he grows old.  Making it hard to clean his body waste and causing his kidney to malfunction.   With his kidney disabled his entire body deteriorates little by little causing infections and complications.   It was the end of his line.

Late afternoon, before the evening strikes another message came and this time it's about my wife's condition.  Our date is cancelled because she's having a fever.  Not good because she's pregnant and that worries me.  She did inform here OB and she was instructed what to take.  Still, I'm worried of her.  But I'm sure God will keep our family in good health.

The day is really unusual to have a celebration, worries, and farewell.  All that we need during this times is to trust the Lord our God.  His the answer to all our prayers.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that, kakalungkot naman isipin. Ingat lang kay misis...mahirap magkaskit ang buntis.

  2. belated happy bday to your wife and hoping that she's fine now .. It is true that God will help us in everything and He will answer our prayers.


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