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Saturday, January 22

Daddy Day Care: Birthday Celebration

Our family went out today!  We went to one of our friends who's celebrating his birthday today.  Actually the celebration is not just his but with the other two as well, which was my wife and the daughter of one of our friends.  So it was a three birthday celebration who all had their birthday this January.  The celebration was just simple and the guests are just us, our friends, and his family.

Maki did enjoy together with the other kids especially when we started inflating the balloons which we bought earlier.  Our "kumare" did insisted to have balloons because the kids will sure love it and they did.  The only problem that we had is that the balloons started popping when they started playing with it.  I think the balloons are not good quality balloons because some of them are too thin that when I did pump it up with the hand held pump they just pop.  I think there were still three balloons left for King, their son.
 While the kids are playing, we, the adults are having some quite interesting conversation.  It is more of reminiscing the past.  We all did have a very colorful memories during our teenage years.  We were all friends
and we were all part of the sponsorship/scholarship program of the church.  It was a pleasant memory that we all love to recall each time that we are having a get together.  In Filipino language friendships are called "barkada".  In our "barkada" two (2) pairs have pursued the relationship to the next level.  It was me and my wife and King's parents, our "kumare' and "kumpare".  That was out of the four (4) pairs during our teenage years.  Time really run so fast that all of us are parents now.

I remember when we were teenagers, every time that we are gathering we would always call it as "Chicharon Party".  Chicharon is the tastiest and at the same time cheapest snack that we can afford since we are all still students.  It was really fun eating it especially when there's a vinegar that you can dip it in.   Hmmm... tasty!  Now that we are all working "Chicharon Party's" have been upgraded.  Different delicacies are now present on the table each and everyone has their own shares.  The "Chicharon Party" is not mainly about food but it's about the acquaintance and becoming closer friends with others.
 It was a great day for my family, we had our bonding and the bonding with our friends as well.  For sure there will be another bonding again but not yet sure when it will be.


  1. @chubskulit yeah! it is sure a fun and yummy day.

    @wintergurl What's a vermecelii?

  2. Yummy foodies :) makes my mouth watering :)

    By the way, i'm promoting my second blog just started yesterday kindly visit it HERE

    thanks a lot :)

  3. @workingathome Hahaha! It was sure mouth watering. I did visit and looked at your second blog. I'm also working on three more blogs. The one is a blogspot and the other two has their own domain which I won in a contest at jaypeeonline. Thanks for the visit. Hope to see more comments from you.

  4. It sounds like you guys had so much fun...and FOOD! Makes me remember my college barkada and how much more I appreciate them now.

    Great post and photos! Looking forward to even more!

    - Mama Mia

  5. @mymommyconfessions Thanks! Getting together can sure bring back memories. Hope to see for of your comments. Thanks again!


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