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Saturday, January 29

Daddy Day Care: Gate For Maki

My wife and I find it essential to have our own gate, since we and our parents are sharing in just one gate.  Also Maki is already growing and becoming very hyperactive.  We would really somehow want to contain him inside the house, as much as possible or at least, we will know if he runs out and off the street.  There was one time that my wife noticed that Maki is already outside and is running towards the street.  Good thing that his nanny get him just in time before he runs on the main road.  It would really be dangerous making him loose like that. 
This is the area where we are going to put the gate.
So this morning, err actually it was last week, when started buying some of the materials needed for the gate.  Of course we did get a good gate.  Since most of the materials' cost nowadays are exponentially rising we tried to look for a gate in a junkshop that is just right and cheap.   It's not that new but it is still good, all it needs is just a simple retouches and paint jobs then viola you have your brand new gate.  It was really cheap compared to those gates that are fabricated in a metal shop. 

What we did this morning was we tried to canvas the materials that we will be needing in the construction of the gate.  Together with my wife and my son we went to two hardware stores that are near in our place.  It's just a walk away from the house and it is also a good exercise for my wife.

It was already afternoon when we started because one of the contracted person is only available during that time.  Since the gate is not fabricated according to what we want we did have some hard time deciding on what to do and how to post it along the fence.  After some quite deliberation I have decided to have it on what I thought it would be great and of course much lesser use of materials.  It was already evening when we decided to continue it tomorrow.  I was already tired and also aching with some of the wounds that I get during construction.

So right now as I was typing this down I'm having a hard time typing especially when I'm using my small finger on the right.  Its wounded and it really hurts.  Anyway that's part of it and I'm still blessed because that's the only casualty that I have compared to those lives that were lost in an accident in a construction site in Makati.   Let us just pray for their love ones that they will get through this. At the end of the day we should always thank the Lord our God for giving us life, food, shelter, and everything that comes from Him.  Thank you Lord for this day.

How about you how was your day?  Have you already thank God for the blessings? God's Day!
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