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Monday, January 31

Maki and the Dressed Up PC

It's really fun having my kids watch me as I make a simple dress up on our PC.  My idea of a dress up is to make it look like a robot.  I did find some used boards and boxes.  Make a cut out and painted it with a color blue paint.  A plaster here and plaster there then tadah! A PC that is look liked a head of a robot.  I think I did able to make it look like a robot but having Maki around did take it long to finish dressing up the PC.  Though he was just watching at first he still got lots of talking and questioning.  Some of his questions were "what are you doing daddy?" and "what''s that daddy?".   Just to let his question attended I did answer him that I was putting some boards and boxes on the computer to dress it up as our entry to yugatech's contest.   So to give him a bit of work to do I made him sit in front of the computer and took a picture of him together with the PC.  The whole idea was about a kid talking to a computer disguised robot.   Hehehe just a simple imagination.  So here are the pictures.

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