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Monday, January 31

Monday Rush: 60KPH

I have experience this since last week, but I'm still having a hard time calculating the time needed to reach my destination.  My time frame was ruined because of the new things that the new MMDA implemented along the Commonwealth Ave.  They have strictly implemented the 60 KPH speed limit of all public utility vehicles.  Actually it is not new because the ruling about the speed limit was I think implemented during the 1980's.  I'm not really sure about this.  But hey take note it was two or three decades ago.  Maybe it's about time that the speed limit be raised to about 80 KPH to be fair with the commuters a well.  Nobody wants their employees coming late in the office because of that speed limit. 

Another thing that I've noticed is the space of lanes that the public utility vehicle is occupying.  Take note that the Commonwealth Ave is an eight lane road and most of the vehicles that are passing through that road are mainly public utility vehicles.  And yet they are only providing two lanes for the yellow lane!  I'm not really good at math but hello at least I can do a simple mathematics about this one.    Two lanes for the buses and the jeeps plus a speed limit of 60 KPH.  You can also add to that private vehicles coming from roads on the side will also contribute to traffic.    Yes they have solved the problem of traffic... but I think only for those private cars, for the simple commuters another headache and a long hour ride. 

I think the new MMDA chairman should think about this matter.  I think this will not only apply to Commonwealth Ave. but other roads as well.   Yes we are always experiencing traffic, tell me who else in the world does not have traffic problems.   Maybe a good weighing should be done!
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