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Monday, January 10

Monday Rush: Decision... Decision

It's really hard to make decision.  Things should always be weighed and checked thoroughly before hitting the button.  It doesn't have to be in a snapped but hey, if it entails time and resources maybe you should starting finalizing your decision to avoid any after effects.  Just like I mentioned earlier things should be checked accordingly.  You need to do it in a manner that you'll be able to get the pros and cons of the situation, not only that but it is also needed to get all the aspects involved in the situation.  Deciding is really a very hard thing to do, especially when you're placed in a very unusual situation.

Another thing that needs to be decided is the domain name of my choice.  I won in a contest where I get to choose any domain name.  It is a blessing that I received early this year.  A very good way to start the year right.    So anyway I haven't decided yet on which name should I send to the sponsor.  I did send one but it seems that it is already taken.  Maybe I should think about it more and just send it to him tomorrow.   I still need to weigh which is the best domain name to have.

I just want to share one more thing.  Early this morning I am contemplating if I'm going to stay at the staff house or go back home.  There were reasons that made me think to go back home, one is that I don't have clothes to bring and two I still need to do something in the house.  There were also reasons why I should sleep at the staff house, one is that I don't have enough money and second I can do a lot of things online there.  The decision of going back home prevails.  Though I don't have enough money anymore.  I just prayed that Lord I don't have enough money.  So with just exact money to travel to and from I went on.  When I came home my handed me Php 100 bill.  She told me that her aunt came and gave us gifts (aguinaldo).  I just said wow answered prayer.  Thanks God!

I know deciding can be really hard but there's one thing that I learned being a Christian... there's nothing impossible to God.  Just make sure that whatever you do always pray to God first.
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