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Monday, January 17

Monday Rush: Sick and Check Up

Another Monday and another rush day but this time I did not rush to work.  I'm pin down on the bed due to slight fever, cough, and running nose.  A very bad feeling that lead me to stay at home and rest.  Plus add up the weather that we are having today, it really made my feeling really bad.  I think this sickness is due to the sudden changes in the weather.  Good thing that there's a company health card that can be used in times like this.  This really makes it easy to go to the doctor and have a check up.  One thing is that I don't have to worry about the payment for the doctor and for the laboratory.  The only thing that I did worry was the money to buy the prescribed medicines.  The prescribed medicines are few and they have generic brands but still they are really costly and eats up the money in my wallet.  It's really hard to get sick.

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  1. Hi there, hope you'll get well soon. Just reading your blog and following. Got your badge too. Follow be back...


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