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Wednesday, January 12

My Son Doesn't Know Radio

My son doesn’t yet know the radio because we don’t have one in the house. The only way for us to listen to FM and AM radio frequency is by listen to the TV with FM radio frequency feature or to our cellular phones with the same features in it. So the real radio is quite alien for my son.

Though the technology has already develop much with regards to multimedia, still, radios are consider a must have in times of calamities. I remember when I’m still young and there were a typhoon. Lights were cut off because of strong winds and heavy rains. The only means for us to know the news is through a battery operated transistor radio. That was before and things have already changed.

Before transistor radios were designed like a box but now there were different cool designs that will fit your needs, like if you’re a fisherman or a camper or water extremist what you need is a waterproof radio and if you’re just in the comfort of your home a simple but classy design is for you.
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