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Tuesday, January 25

Organizing the Clutter

This was supposed to be posted for the Monday Rush but it seems that I neglected to post it yesterday due to some matters that kept me occupied.  I'm rushing to organize all the clutter before the end of this month.  I hope to finished it!  Okay, so what was the clutter?  Well for some months already, though I have planned it a long ago, I have not organized all our personal and important documents, all my online information, and all our pictures.  Like I said I think I have planned it early last year but was not able to finish any of those planned activities.   Well at least I have started it.

First clutter, my family's personal and important documents.  Last year I was able to put all those documents in just one envelope.  It was really a tedious work!  I have to check all the papers one by one just to make sure that I won't loose any important documents.  What I did not finish was the organizing stage.  Separating each documents to important and not so important. 

Second clutter, my online information like the websites, log-in Id and passwords.  I did have laid this all in a spreadsheet together with the other information that should have been there.  Since I haven't updated most of them and since I can't find the e-file I think I'll be laying it down again.  If you think that the lost e-file might be seen by other people and use its password well sorry for them because those passwords were encrypted only I knows it.  This is to make sure that it's safe to jot down those passwords.  We can't really memorize most of the passwords so it is better to write it down and just make sure that it is written in a way that you're the only who can understand what it is.
Third clutter, the pictures.  I really need to organize this one because pictures on my computer are really piling up and I haven't labeled it.  Though some were already label according to dates and events still there are some that I haven't done yet.  Also, I really need to check every pictures because there some duplicates that only eats up the memory of the computer.  Another thing is that since my son learned to use the computer there are some files that have been moved to other folders so I really need to check it out.

So these are the clutter that I need to organize.  I just hoped that I could finish it before the end of this month so that I can do other things for the next month.
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