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Tuesday, January 11

Pacifying Kids The Techie Way

Kids have always loved cartoons and animated TV shows. They will sure get quiet and stays in one place when they like the cartoons that they are watching. For me this is one way of pacifying kids but of course watching TV should be moderated. The problem with cartoons and animated TV shows is that kids can only watch them on a specific time and date. So if the kids got bored and want to watch the show you couldn’t get to explain them about the timeslot. One solution is to buy VCDs of the cartoons and animated shows but most of the time VCDs sometimes get damaged. Kids often play with VCDs when it’s not shelved in a proper place and that’s the time that it is accidentally broken or scratched on.

Another solution is to buy a media hard drive. Costly but it’s much better because you’ll be able to store more cartoons and animated TV shows or even movies. The best part is that kids won’t be able to play with it. Just make sure to place it in a safe storage. I already have an external hard drive and I’m using it to store some of the movies from the VCDs, of course just want to save copy before it got accidentally broken. I don’t know the difference between the media hard drive and the external portable hard drive but there’s one thing that I am sure they store up cartoons, animated TV shows, and movies for the kids to watch.
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