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Saturday, February 26

A Blogger's Life & Dream

“You received payments!” “Your article was approved!” “You got fifty emails unread!” Yes! I got new earnings notification on my email and they have approved my articles. Yes!

“ZZZZzZzzzzzzzz….. Hey Daddy, wake up! You were dreaming.”
Well, that’s the effect of blogging in me. I get a dose of it when I’m really into deep blogging. I bring along my blogging in my dreams. I just pray that most of my good blogging dreams may come true.

Blogging really did get into my system and it has become part of my daily routines in life. A day never passes without me writing an article or checking on some other blogs. It has feed me so much compared to what I am before I started blogging. I’ve learned a lot through blogging. I can say now that my writing has improved and leveled up. I sometimes think if I really did write the article.

Blogging did provide some extra cash on my wallet but unfortunately the money just slips away because we have to pay the bills. How I pray that some of that earned money will stay even for a week. Hahaha! Anyway God will surely bless us more of that. I think one of the best things with my blogging is that I gain some friends.
Well my goal for this year is to swipe all of our debts and provide finances for our upcoming little angel. Yes, another little angel in the house! So that means I have to do double time to earn that. My wife’s pregnancy is quite expensive because she does not deliver the baby normally, she’s a C section. I just don’t know how much it cost after more than three years but I’m praying that we will come through this.

It would be more fun if I win some of the prizes at “ ExtraBLOGanza Contest” ExtraBLOGanza Contest

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  1. hi, hope you can join my giveaway too,

    Join my Blogging Giveaway
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  2. @Melandria sure I'd be willing to join your contest. Thanks for the invite.

  3. Hi. It's ok to dream. Libre naman. I hope you win the contest and you will have more earning opportunities blogging.

  4. Thanks Chin chin. I just pray at least to have a prize. Thanks again for the comment and visit.


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