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Saturday, February 12

Daddy Day Care: Ice Cream

Last night Maki's nanny, Ate Lanie, didn't sleep in our house but before she went off we had an agreement that she'll be in the house at around 6:30 AM because Mommy will be preparing to go to work.  Since she's always late whenever she sleeps in her sister's house we decided to make a bet.  If she comes late she'll be buying an ice cream for us especially for Maki.  It will be our desert.
This morning, Ate Lanie came past 7:00 AM already.  She's late of our agreed time.  Mommy woke up late also that she decided not to go to work today and besides her hips is really aching.   Ate Lanie owes us an ice cream.  Hehehe!
Before lunch, Ate Lanie and Maki went to the store to buy the ice cream.  Maki was very eager to buy ice cream then they went off.   It took them too long to buy the ice cream, Mommy was already worried.   After a few minutes they came back, Maki carrying the ice cream.   The ice cream was just Php 100.00 (I think) and we don't want Ate Lanie to buy those very expensive.  It was just our fun.  Anyway, according to Ate Lanie they took quite a while on deciding which ice cream they were going to buy.   She just let Maki decide on which ice cream.

Maki couldn't wait much longer to eat the ice cream.  He placed the ice cream beside him while eating.  I'm really sure that he wanted to munch the ice cream already because every time that he eats he take a spoon tip of ice cream.   Take note he already designated on who's going to eat the three flavors.   He said that the purple (which is the ube) is for him, the yellow (he doesn't know that it was cheese) is for Ate Lanie and the chocolate is for Mommy.   Which leaves me out of the picture.  Hehehe!  In the end he tasted all the three flavors and even tries to lick it until the last drop.  Of course we don't let him munch everything we don't want him coughing in the evening.   After that we let him drink water to wash off the sugar and the cold.

It was fun having something like that, especially on a weekend that we're all here.   Maybe next time its my turn to buy ice cream.

How's your weekend?
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