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Saturday, February 5

Daddy Day Care: Maki, Pacify, and the Whys

Today's menu for the Daddy Day Care is about Maki's constant questions of Why and him being talkative.  Well we all know that kids got their different levels of growth and development, for Maki, well the Whys are now constant.  I think Maki's Whys are now having more deeper thought.  Sometimes we really thought about it.

Just a proof of him becoming very blatant with his whys is our day out today.  His questioning can really be funny and can make everyone who hears it giggles and laugh at it.  For a start, today we did have some extraordinary and tiring day.    We went first to Mommy's OB for her check up.  The ride to her doctor's clinic was just short but it seems very long because of Maki.  His scared of the fast and reckless jeepneys.  He has been like this ever since he heard that growling sound after waking up in a bad mood.  He was really shocked and frightened.  He sometimes climb at me when the vehicle starts running very fast and the muffler growls loudly like a lion.  He was very scared that he wanted the driver to stop the vehicle and go down.  But of course we did not go down because we're still very far from the clinic.  We just tried to make him busy for a while and when we're almost near the place that's the time that we decided to go down already.  We did talked to him and pacify him of the matter.  Anyway I'm sure he will overcome it just like his fear of the mascots.

After Mommy's check up we decided to went to SM North to buy pants, socks, and underwear for me.  Some of my clothes were already worn out so it's about time that I get some new ones.  It's a three day sale that's why we went there hoping to buy some cheaper bargain. 

When we are about to ride the FX taxi Maki started screaming that he don't want to ride in the car.  He continued screaming inside the car.  People were looking at us already but I don't care what I'm bothered about is my son, he was opening the door.  It was really dangerous.  Pacifying him was really tough but Mommy make it through by telling him something about the time that he ride a motorbike.  Mommy did explained to him that he was not scared during that time so he should not be scared for that ride.  After a few minutes of talking Mommy pacified him and made him to calm down.  I just pray that he won't do it again.

We were able to roam around and looked for cheaper pants and socks.  While doing that Maki were already starting to get hyper.  He would go down and say that he wants to walk alone.  Of course we don't want to!  That's because there's a lot of people that might hit and bump him in the head or worst hurt him.  Containing him was really hard and this caused me not to find any thing for me.   Also some of them were really expensive.  We cannot really afford that much.

What I only got are the three pair of socks, the rest was Maki's CDs and a bolster.  Now, we really don't know what Maki ate that made him very talkative.  He got plenty of Whys!  The Whys and blatant words we heard was very funny that made even the other passengers laugh.  Maki did utter "Why is it dark?"  we just answered him that there's no light inside the van because the driver turned it off.   We also added that "You (Maki) ask the driver to turn it on."  In just in a snap Maki told to the driver "driver please to turn on the lights.  It was clear and fast that made most of the passengers to laugh about Maki's instant questions.   Then that's where most of the question started.  Most of them are about cars, things and his new bolster.   He was not yet sleepy that's why there are much whys and hows coming out of him.

The day in SM North is sure full of colorful events and it did make me and Mommy really tired.   We don't want it to happen again without Ate Lanie.  

How about you how's your weekend?
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