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Saturday, February 19

Daddy Day Care: Missed Vaccine of Maki

Today, I missed Maki's Vaccine.   Maki was telling me that he wanted to go to the doctor with me.  For some unforeseen circumstances I was stuck with the dentist.   I had my teeth put on a fillings and cleaning.  I was supposed to go with Mommy and Maki to video the vaccination but unfortunately the dentist's patients piled up and I'm the fifth patient.  I think each patient were taken care for a at least 20 - 30 minutes.  In my case, I don't know if it was just about 30 minutes.  It really did took long before the doctor finished cleaning my teeth and putting some fillings.

According to Mommy though Maki was in the good mood he still cried out loud while being vaccinated.  Maybe because he don't like to lie down it makes him uncomfortable.  As I can clearly understand, Mommy said that Maki wanted to be vaccinated with him sitting aright but his doctor insisted that he lie down on bed.  That room and that bed was his worst enemy.  I remember that he doesn't want to go inside that room and especially lie down on that bed.  I think It has been traumatic for him to be there and being vaccinated once in a while.   Anyway I'm sure my son will get over that phobia on that room.

I'm still proud of my son that he was able to talk with his doctor and behave even though that he knows he'll be vaccinated.  How about you MOMMIES are there any milestones from your kids today?
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