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Wednesday, February 16

Going Back to Fitness

Last year I went to the doctor for a checkup, I wasn’t feeling very well that time. So after telling to the doctor what I felt and what I’m experiencing, she then decided that I should took some laboratory test so that she can find out what’s the cause of my illness. I did the laboratory test that she required and when I got the result I showed it to her. The good news is that some of the tests were pretty good and just right in the normal range while the bad news is that I got high findings about my cholesterol. She gave me some medicines to take and she also advised me to do some exercise. Yes! Exercise! I did miss that.
My Evolution (from thin to not so macho)
During the early days in my work I used to do really good exercise. I make all my routines which somewhat turns out pretty well because I did gain some weight back then. As I recall it, I was thin but not so thin when I started to work. They would always think of me as a high school student. I was an exercise fanatic during that time. I would have my jog in morning followed by my work out routine and on the afternoon after work I would jog for another round before dinner. The feeling was great that time. That was my break to have a little bit of fat on my cheek.

Now, I’m continuing the exercise as per advice of my doctor but rarely do it due to some matters unlike before that I’m a jog fanatic. Every day I make sure that I would at least have a 30 minute walk after or before going to the office so instead getting off the jeepney near the office I would go down to some point which a little bit further just to have my walk. If the count is not enough I would continue walking on the afternoon after office hours. It is just a simple regimen to keep my cholesterol tone down.

Though there were lots of fitness gyms that sprout along the street in our place I still don’t join any of them. There were some reasons why I didn’t join. First, most of them operated only because of some youth in our place who wanted to have big muscles which they don’t care about proper toning and diet. Second, they don’t have any professional gym instructors. And third, their facilities are not that good.

If I want to go into fitness gyms I would rather have those who have fitness franchise. Those who owns a fitness franchise from known fitness company doesn’t only franchise their name but their program as well. Meaning they will not give out their franchise without having a good instructor inside the facility. So in order to get a fitness franchise opportunity interested people do undergo the training program and learn the whole program. There was a saying that “How can you teach something you doesn’t know” so in order to teach you need to be a student first. If only I could go to one of Operation Boot Camp’s training program maybe I could somehow impart to the youth here that it is not always the big bulky muscles shows that you’re healthy.

Now this made me think, maybe it’s about time that I go back to my fitness routines.
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