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Thursday, February 3

Keeping the Flowers Fresh

It’s already the start of the love month. The breeze of sweet perfumes, the scent of budding flower, and the sound of romantic music are now lingering everywhere. Most people, especially those who are in the flower industry are now busy making heart decorations, flowers arrangements and putting up other items or gimmicks to sell for the coming celebration of Valentine’s Day. Flower shops will sure be very busy and people will be delighted to see flowers popping out in every shop.

I remember few days before our wedding, since we don’t have enough budgets for the flower arrangements we are the ones who bought the flowers to be used in our wedding. One of our family friends who offered her services to do the flower arrangements accompanied us in buying those flowers.

It was midnight when we went to the market place specifically for flowers. That’s the time that I saw bundles of different flowers delivered and sold in every store. I just wonder how they were transported in that place. As far as I know those flowers came from the plantation which was miles away. Though I have seen some of the flowers placed in cold containers to maintain the freshness, still those containers are not well enough to refrigerate the freshness of the flowers.

I know that here in our country, the Philippines, we rarely have refrigerated vans or refrigerated trucks that can be used to transport those beautiful flowers from Baguio to Manila. Unlike in some countries that produce and exports flowers uses refrigerated vans or refrigerated trucks to keep the freshness and beauty of the flowers.

In some countries or places instead of using refrigerated vans or trucks they rather use cooler trailers. These cooler trailers or refrigerated trailers are easy to maintain and can be left behind, unhooked from the van or truck. While providing the duty of refrigeration the other vehicle can be used to do some trucking and other errands. Another good thing about cooler trailers is that if the vehicle overheated or caused a malfunction, it will not be affected by the problem because it is self sustainable with a built in generator that runs a 115 volt of electricity. Unlike the refrigerated vans or trucks once the vehicle is busted even the refrigeration will stop also causing for the flowers to lose their freshness.  So keeping those flowers fresh is your main business try to have some that is efficient, sustaining, and easy to handle like the cooler trailers that can be used almost anything.
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