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Monday, February 7

Monday Rush: Monday Thinking

What is Monday to you?  Well, there are things that always made me think that Monday is one heck of a day.  That's my perspective since I started working.  Monday has always been the busiest day of the week.  Everything and anything starts on Mondays.

I remember when I was still in high school I somewhat and some way hate Monday.  First, Monday is the start of the school days and all assignments are always checked so if I didn't make my assignment well, I'm doomed.  Second, all the best movies are shown Sunday late night  I really have to sleep early for school so I always skip those best movies.  And third, I still have the weekend hangover, not of alcohol I'm still a minor, but of sleep and rest.  It's really hard to wake up early morning after the long weekend.

Though some parts of me hate Mondays there are still some parts of that will always love Mondays.  First, I get a chance to boast off what I have read and learned during the weekend.  Studying can be really fun, if you like the subject.  Second, I get to see my crush after the weekend.  It's really something when you always see your crush.  And third, I got my allowance and I could save some of that. 

So that was my way of thinking during my high school days.   That's how I look Monday.  Sometimes its quite interesting but most of the time is really dull.  But at least I did experience it.

Now that I am working looking at Mondays is a different level of vision.  Though sometimes it is really striking, I still manage to hold on and keep that cool down.  I need to really keep my self in good condition and of a long line of patience.  It's just simple I'm not now working for my own but for my family so I really need to do things accordingly.

Mondays... Mondays.... Mondays.... how about you how's the beginning of your week?
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