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Monday, February 21

Monday Rush: Waiting

Well I have been telling and advising to most of the people I know that patience always brings something that you don't really expect. So, today I have tried something different and it requires prayer and patience. I'm not going to expect from it but I will wait for the result of my action. I have always wanted to do it but due to some factors and circumstances it hinders my will to decide whether to pursue or not. I am praying that it will bring a good result. It will be good for me if it happens. It is something that I am good at, at least.

I know many people today don't wait. They hate waiting. They always wanted it in a snap. The time today has already running so fast, technology and evolution has took its place more than the time it is expected, and people are getting matured instantly. On our busy world people don't have the time to appreciate things around them. For them everything is just the same as yesterday. That's what they are missing! Though there are others who stop in a while and appreciate God's creation, still the number of people who ignores are much higher. That's why they don't know how to preserve the world.

Everything in the world that God created takes place in the right time. There's no short cut in the process. Seeds grows into a giant tree and bears fruit in the right time and they wait for that because they know that everything flows in the process. Waiting, we need to wait for the right time!

How about you? Have you tried to wait for something?


  1. My belief is that good things come to those who wait.

  2. You are right Gina! Thanks for the comment.


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