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Friday, February 25

New Set of Die Cast Cars

My son and I have recently been collecting toy cars.  Actually I started it when I got this little die cast toy cars from my Tita Vivian.  Maki was already born that time but since his still too young for the toy cars I just set it aside.  Now that Maki is already three years old he can now play with them but of course with my supervision.  According to the indications on some of the boxes, says that it is fit for ages five and up (5+).  Well we I'm not really sure if we should still wait for another two years more for him to play with his cars but anyway Daddy is her to play with him whenever he wants to.

To date, Maki's die cast toy car is already 25 pieces including the eighteen wheeler (I think) truck.  He got an additional 3 cars which I bought from the Duty Free Shops in Clark, Pampanga.  These cars are good and can be compared to cars sold in the toy shops in big department stores.  Plus take note it's not that expensive. So if you want to have some of these just visit the Duty Free Shops in Clark, Pampanga.

That's not all we also have the Ferrari Cars from shell which stays hidden inside the cabinet.  They are a collectors item and when the time comes collectors might get interested on it.   Aside from that collection also Maki has also other set of radio/remote controlled cars which we sometimes play outside the house.
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