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Monday, March 28

Monday Rush : Another Dizzy Monday

Today is another dizzy Monday for me.  It's not that I got lots of work today but it has been a week now and my dizziness hasn't gone off.  Last week it was really terrible.  It seems that my head was really going blow and pop.  Aside from the dizzy feeling my head was also aching very much I can't even move much.  I feel so weak and my body is already shivering due to the pain.  Because of that I was brought to the hospital so that we could know what was happening to me.  Fortunately all the test conducted to me was negative.  I got a normal blood pressure.  The test for possible vertigo was negative, the ECG, the blood sugar were all negative.  And because of that I was discharge of the ER and instructed only to return if it still hasn't gone off.  Well, unfortunately the dizziness is still on but there were times that I feel normal.  I'll be going back to the doctor maybe on Friday and see what will be their findings this time.   As to now, I think this got to do with my eyes.  I think my eyes problem has gone worst and had increased its grade level.  So for now I'll just have to endure it and take medicine to cure the dizziness and the headache.

How about you?  Did you experienced something like this?

Sunday, March 27

Gender Sensitive Kids

We parents and adults do like to associate kids with their gender.  Like for example, if the baby is a girl it is often associated with the pink or yellow clothes, pink or yellow floral baby bottles, pink or yellow color of cribs, and other baby materials.  Baby boys are also associated with colors and they are always associated with blue or green.  With this babies are already given the fact about genders. 
We, parents, should also take note that these kids are like a copying machine they really watch every thing that we do.  It's on us, parents, that they get their notion of gender.  By watching our every move they can already learn from it.   So with it they also learn to associate gender to works and clothes like a male adult should always do the carpentry, plumbing, and other male works.  For the female adult they should always be seen doing the household chores like washing clothes, ironing clothes, washing the dishes, and other female works in the house.   They are really keen about these things.  But what about if they see things the other way around like men doing the laundry and dishes while the ladies are doing the plumbing and carpentry.  Well, that's the time that we, parents should teach them about gender sensitivity as early as possible.  This is to help them also avoid confusion. They should be thought that at this time, men and women can both do things.  Men can do things that women does and women can do things that men does.
So how does this matter can be thought to kids?  Well, for a start, if parents don't have any arguments on doing things in the house then it will be easy but if there is then that's one big problem.  Because how can we teach something to the kids if they don't usually see it preferably first in the house.  We can show examples to kids and explain it to them like if daddy is doing the laundry.  It should be explained why daddy is doing the laundry.  Same goes with mommy if she's doing a little bit of carpentry it should also be explained to the kids why.  By doing that they won't have any confusion of who does those things.

When outside of the house or strolling around the mall, parents should always explain to kids if they see any like a police woman or a male nurse.  It should be explained that these works associated with male can also be done by females.  So at the early age, kids won't get any confusion of to whom is the work associated with.  Also kids get to learn to respect different genders.

Saturday, March 26

Daddy Day Care: Earth Hour

We are not so busy today. Mommy was supposed to have her appointment with the dentist but unfortunately there was a power failure. We don't really know what had happened but I think the power was off for almost three hours. Making Mommy's appointment rescheduled. We thought this was an early schedule of the Earth Hour. Anyway the light went back at around 5:00 PM and I did not noticed it because I was busy outside of the house looking for the things that we are going to use for the outing in Mommy's Office.

Earth Hour

We did our chores and finished them as soon as possible. Mommy finished cooking very early while Maki and I had our video marathon on the computer. We did watch some video clips on while waiting for Mommy to prepare our dinner. After Mommy finished preparing the dinner we sat down, had the prayer, and eat our dinner. We want it all done before the Earth Hour. We finished our at around 7:00 PM, washed the dishes and then Maki and I watch the Legend of the Guardians while Mommy watched the National Treasure 2. Of course we did that just to wait for the Earth Hour event to commence.

Right before 8:30 PM I started turning off the computer, the lights, and the later the TV and other appliances. We lighted just one candle and then we went to bed. Maki very curious about the candle light stand up, play around the candle and watched it. I also got a chance to play with the camera. After that we went back to the bed and had our singing. It is like Maki and I singing to make Mommy go to sleep. We also played with the shadows. Maki and I did a lot of things during the Earth Hour. It is really fun having no electricity for quite some time because we get to have an unusual bonding together. Later on Maki got tired already and fall asleep.

It was fun! I just don't know why some of the neighbors did not join the Earth Hour. I know on the side of my parents and sister who have a baby with them didn't totally turned off all the appliances but at least they did turned off some (I think because Maki and I were so busy singing). Anyway another Hour of energy was saved and another Hour for the Earth to live long.

How about you? What did you do during the Earth Hour?

Friday, March 25

Earth Hour Invitation

Tomorrow, March 26, 2011 at 8:30 to 9:30 PM we will be joining the EARTH HOUR. We will be turning off all the electricity for one hour. So I'm also inviting everyone to join us in this activity. Let's us all save energy and save earth.

Help To Japan

Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

It was Friday and I was at work when I heard about the news that had happened in Japan. It was the highest magnitude (I think) that hit Japan for over the years that they usually felt an earthquake. The most devastating was the event that followed the earthquake, the Tsunami. Of what I have heard in the news the tsunami was about ten meters high that really washed away the houses, cars, boats, and other belongings of the people lived there in Japan, especially those who lived near the coastal areas. The end result was horrifying.

Now, the people of Japan are now facing another possible catastrophe, a meltdown of one of their nuclear reactor in one of their power plant. It is really hard for them facing calamities like these. It is also hard for the rescuers to do their rescue and retrieve operations with the threat of the meltdown, the aftershocks and the weather.

With most of their resources getting stretched and almost depleting, they would really need our help. Let us all extend and Help Japan earthquake and tsunami victims by simply donating something to different agencies that is extending their help to the victims of the calamity in Japan. Your small help can console the victims of tsunami and quake.

For me as part of the blogging community I’m extending my little help by creating a post on which PostNjoy donates $2 for each posts registered at PostNjoy. By doing a simple act like this I can make most of the people aware where and what agencies they can give their donations.
Here are some of the agencies if you want to extend your help to Japan.

Monday, March 21

Monday Rush : Felt An Earthquake

I got some rush of adrenalin today.  I thought I was just dizzy when I felt it recently.  It was an earthquake!  Yes as we check it lately it was a 5. plus intensity and the epicenter was somewhere in Mindoro.

During the past years we often felt the little shakes of the ground.  It's scary because I have felt it when I was in Elementary.  It was a calamity that devastated some parts of Luzon.  Making most of the provinces and cities inaccessible due to landslides and torn down bridges.  Many people were buried in some of the buildings.  It was really a tragedy.

Now, the senate and the congress are now making a move for an intensive campaign regarding disaster management and also forcing the DPWH in fortifying the bridges and infrastructures.  I think we should take our cue from the Japanese' attitude when things happen.  They are disciplined even though they are facing disaster.

If you're in the Philippines, especially in Luzon and Metro Manila, have you felt the earthquake?

Sunday, March 20

Maki's Mingling Problem

My wife and I were early at the church today.   That's the very first time after a few years of having Maki with us.  Unfortunately we did not take Maki along with us because we attend a meeting in the church.  I'm sure Maki would not like it being there and we would always go out and that's really not good.  Anyway we did stayed there after the meeting and waited for my parents together with Usher, my nephew, and Maki. 

During the worship service we couldn't really fully concentrate because Maki was very talkative and hyper roaming around the sanctuary.  So what I did is that I take him down to the junior worship to listen for the story telling and so that he would mingle with the other kids.  Well, he didn't want to stay there.  I explain to him that it is like a school but he just replied that it's not a school.  To avoid any more arguments we just stayed there outside of the room and waited.  Later on he asked me if we could go up back to the sanctuary.  We did go back but he was still noisy that we weren't able to understand the message.  Hay!  First the hyperactivity problem during worship service and second is the mingling problem with the other kids in the church.  I just pray Maki would get over this already so that me and wife could have at least a few hours of solemn and consecrated worship. 

How about your?  How do you cope with your kids during Sunday Worship Service?

Saturday, March 19

Daddy Day Care: Kids Imagination

Today, me and my wife got so busy roaming around the hospital.  Coordinating with the doctors and other offices who can offer discounts for my father-in-law's hospital bills.  I was so worried with my wife because she shouldn't be there in the hospital and doing all that leg works.  Especially with her condition right now.   We were able to finish all the requirements needed and were able to get a very good discount from the Social Service Office.  In other words we were able to have her father discharge from the hospital.  We were very thankful that her father were able to recover fast. 

Maki were left in the house.  Good thing that his nanny, Ate Lanie, were able to come back but she hasn't decided yet whether she'll be staying or she'll be venturing another path.  For now she was here and we were very glad about it.  Of course Maki were very happy that her nanny is here again.  Hay at least for a while we won't have to think who will take care of Maki.
This evening, Maki found some sticks (tongue depressor) which I actually kept for him.  I know that he'll be soon going to play with it and he did really play with it tonight.  His imagination runs wild and made some figures (I forgot to take a picture of it because I was so very busy doing my online activity).  According to him he did make a dinosaur, a giraffe, an airplane, a house, and a letter H.  His really expressed his thoughts and ideas by explaining what he just did.  It was really amazing.

Friday, March 18

LeapFrog Fridge Phonetics

We parents always want the best for our kids and with that we really want to give something that they will not only enjoy playing it but also will enjoy learning from it.  During the early stage of kids there are two senses of the body that they always use and that the sense of sight and sense of hearing.  With these two senses learning are just simple for them.  Enjoyment are what makes them like to learn more things.  It will instill in their mind that learning is just as simple as playing balls and picking up sticks.  It is better to teach them that learn is not very stressful.  All you need is fun to keep the motor running.

Since we, parents, wants to provide the best for our kids, we have something that parents and kids will sure enjoy to have in their homes.  This toy is called the LeapFrog Fridge Phonetics, it's made of fine materials and was awarded by Nick Jr's Toy of the year in 2003.

Playing with this toy is just as simple as flashing the alphabet cards.  This toy doesn't just stop in letting the kids learn to memorize the alphabets and reading skills, also to learn to appreciate music and also to give them a way to learn to identify colors.  So this educational toy does not only hit one aspect of the kids learning process but almost everything that the kids needs to learn, especially during his first months.  If you want to know more of their products just simply click the link above and it will lead you to their website.

So how do you pick and choose the toys for your kids?

Monday, March 14

Monday Rush: Visiting At The Hospital

East Avenue Medical Center (I don't know to whom this picture is credited.)
Right after work I hurriedly went out of the office and straight to the terminal to travel back to Manila.  We will be visiting my wife's father to know how he was feeling and what was the findings of the doctors based on the laboratory results. I arrived at the hospital earlier than my wife and her mother.  I think I've waited in front of the hospital for around more than 15 minutes.  I care much because I'm used to it.  Good thing that there's an area near the ER where you can sit down and wait.

Two days ago we rushed my wife's father to the hospital.  Based on what he was feeling and complaining, half of his body, his right arms and right legs, where already numb and lame.  His limping already when he was walking.   His color was turning to pale.  From then up to now he was already admitted and according to his doctors his going to stay there for about 5 - 7 days.  That's for them to easily monitor him and get to know what he was ailing.

When my wife's father was admitted we did notify the admitting section that we don't have enough money to pay for any of the rooms, laboratories, and all the things that they are going to do.  So, my wife and I decided to put her father in a charity ward.  We also did went to the Social Service to get him a Green Card.  Its not a card for US citizens but its a Green Card for those patients who cannot afford to pay for the medical treatments and other medications.  They provide discounts on hospital bills and laboratories.   With that Green Card we were able to have discounts on all the laboratory test and that discounts were used to purchase the medicines needed. 

Well I'm not complaining on all the problems but I just want to express and show to everyone that in every problem that God gives there's always a solution that he provides.  Remember what had happened to my Uncle last week.  The good news about that is that my Uncle was cremated and all the bills were taken care off.  Also some of my blogger and online friends were able to share some of their blessings.    Now, God had provided people that we can go to and ask for help.  Just like in the Social Service, as my wife had told me the Social Worker was really polite and understanding.  Also some of the nurses who takes care of my father-in-law, they were really accommodating.   So God is really good and all the time God is good.

Now we are praying for the immediate recovery of my wife's father and of course some finances to pay for the hospital bills.


Saturday, March 12

Daddy Day Care: No More Nanny

Ate Lanie and Maki
It has been a week now since Ate Lanie, Maki's nanny, leave us and went home to their province. As to what my wife and Lanie talk about it seems that Lanie wanted to explore new horizons of her life. Well, it's normal for her age to find new opportunities for herself but of course we're not really happy about her decision. Not of being selfish but she has been part of the family and we really needed someone like her to take care of Maki. It's really hard to look for nannies right now.

My wife leave half of the day from work last Thursday because there's no one to take care of Maki. We were so very sorry for our son. Hay! I just pray that we could find someone like Lanie who could take care of Maki and of course someone that we can trust in the house.

Just like today my father-in-law were brought to the hospital for having a mild stroke. He was admitted so that they could do test and find out how much damage were incurred of his stroke. Since my wife's family don't have much money for the hospitalization he was admitted in charity ward (I don't know if that's how or what it is called). We also went to the Social Service to ask for help and some discounts regarding the payment of laboratories and other tests. Whew!

Maki was left in the house without someone to personally monitor and take care him. Though my parents where there still they couldn't really contain and take care of Maki. When we got home from the hospital Maki had a bruise on his face. We really make a big sigh when we see the bruise. It was an accident but it could have been prevented if there's someone to take care of Maki. We were very sorry for our son.

We really need a nanny for our son. We have asked most of our relatives if there's someone who could be my son's nanny. It seems that there are no more available and qualified to be a nanny. Hay!!!

How about you? What did you to your son? Where did you get your nanny?

Chewbacca Toy

chewie plush

If dads are great fans of the Star Wars well I think they can start sharing it with their kids with this little Chewbacca Talking Plush. We all know that kids love to have toys with sounds. This little 15 inches plush toy is really great for kids to hug with its furry hairs and of course those fancy talkings and sounds that they make.

So if dads want to share their stories about how they loved the Star Wars well better get one of this little furry toys. It will not only entertain you but most probably your kids.


Friday, March 4

Aniceto, Sito, Archie

This is our Tiyo Sito/Aniceto/Archie together with one of her daughter.

My Uncle is called in different names and that's because he has been to different places and of course with different friends as well. To his family and friends in Antipolo he is commonly called Archie. To his brothers and sister he is called Aniceto or Sito. He is a loving father, a helpful brother, and a joker of the family. I remember during the burial of Lola Lading (their parents), he and one of his uncle was arguing and commenting about the statue of San Roque which was supposed to have a tool for farming. His uncle asked him why is it that St. Joseph don't have the farm tool with him. Uncle Sito just and vocally replied that "Local farm tools are obsolete now, tractors are what they use now." Most of the people who heard made their simple grin and a slight laugh with giggle. I also remember whenever he visits us he would always call me "Mac". I'll be for sure going to miss that call and voice.

He will have his final rest this coming Sunday.  To all who have given their donations, prayers, and help, the whole family are very grateful and we are thanking each and everyone from the bottom of our hearts.  The kindness will sure marked in hearts, thank you and God bless.

If you want to know the story and what happened, you can simply click the link Tiyo Sito and read the story. It is not much elaborated but it is the best and possible story that I know.

If you are touched and are willing to share your blessing, we would really appreciate it very much.  The donations will surely help a lot in the burial and for the bereaved family. 

Thursday, March 3

Rugged Shoes

I never thought my shoes will service my feet this long. It has been with me since 2003 and it is still okay up to now. Though I have made some minor repairs, the look is still useful as it is. The only thing that I could not restore is the leather color of which was already worn out and the soles that are also worn out, especially the middle part of the sole. I can say that the shoes can be compared to some tough shoes in the market like the Timberland.

I remember when I was still in high school. There was one time that boots became a fad in our school. Boys and girls are wearing boots. It was really in during that time. I think there were only few students who are not wearing boots. There are the bulky ones, the slim type boots, the shiny ones, and a whole lot more. They differ in many ways but there’s only one thing in common they are all boots.

Timberland Stiefel is another term for Timberland boots. They are known for their good quality and remarkable brand. Aside from boots they also have shoes which are called Timberland Schuhe. I have known this brand before but I’ve never had any shoes or boots with that brand. It’s not that I don’t like the brand but it’s because nobody give them as a gift. Anyway I really would want to have one of those shoes. I think if I ever would own one it will last more than a decade.
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