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Saturday, March 26

Daddy Day Care: Earth Hour

We are not so busy today. Mommy was supposed to have her appointment with the dentist but unfortunately there was a power failure. We don't really know what had happened but I think the power was off for almost three hours. Making Mommy's appointment rescheduled. We thought this was an early schedule of the Earth Hour. Anyway the light went back at around 5:00 PM and I did not noticed it because I was busy outside of the house looking for the things that we are going to use for the outing in Mommy's Office.

Earth Hour

We did our chores and finished them as soon as possible. Mommy finished cooking very early while Maki and I had our video marathon on the computer. We did watch some video clips on while waiting for Mommy to prepare our dinner. After Mommy finished preparing the dinner we sat down, had the prayer, and eat our dinner. We want it all done before the Earth Hour. We finished our at around 7:00 PM, washed the dishes and then Maki and I watch the Legend of the Guardians while Mommy watched the National Treasure 2. Of course we did that just to wait for the Earth Hour event to commence.

Right before 8:30 PM I started turning off the computer, the lights, and the later the TV and other appliances. We lighted just one candle and then we went to bed. Maki very curious about the candle light stand up, play around the candle and watched it. I also got a chance to play with the camera. After that we went back to the bed and had our singing. It is like Maki and I singing to make Mommy go to sleep. We also played with the shadows. Maki and I did a lot of things during the Earth Hour. It is really fun having no electricity for quite some time because we get to have an unusual bonding together. Later on Maki got tired already and fall asleep.

It was fun! I just don't know why some of the neighbors did not join the Earth Hour. I know on the side of my parents and sister who have a baby with them didn't totally turned off all the appliances but at least they did turned off some (I think because Maki and I were so busy singing). Anyway another Hour of energy was saved and another Hour for the Earth to live long.

How about you? What did you do during the Earth Hour?


  1. good that you've catch the time:)

    have a blessed sunday!


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