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Saturday, March 19

Daddy Day Care: Kids Imagination

Today, me and my wife got so busy roaming around the hospital.  Coordinating with the doctors and other offices who can offer discounts for my father-in-law's hospital bills.  I was so worried with my wife because she shouldn't be there in the hospital and doing all that leg works.  Especially with her condition right now.   We were able to finish all the requirements needed and were able to get a very good discount from the Social Service Office.  In other words we were able to have her father discharge from the hospital.  We were very thankful that her father were able to recover fast. 

Maki were left in the house.  Good thing that his nanny, Ate Lanie, were able to come back but she hasn't decided yet whether she'll be staying or she'll be venturing another path.  For now she was here and we were very glad about it.  Of course Maki were very happy that her nanny is here again.  Hay at least for a while we won't have to think who will take care of Maki.
This evening, Maki found some sticks (tongue depressor) which I actually kept for him.  I know that he'll be soon going to play with it and he did really play with it tonight.  His imagination runs wild and made some figures (I forgot to take a picture of it because I was so very busy doing my online activity).  According to him he did make a dinosaur, a giraffe, an airplane, a house, and a letter H.  His really expressed his thoughts and ideas by explaining what he just did.  It was really amazing.
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