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Saturday, March 12

Daddy Day Care: No More Nanny

Ate Lanie and Maki
It has been a week now since Ate Lanie, Maki's nanny, leave us and went home to their province. As to what my wife and Lanie talk about it seems that Lanie wanted to explore new horizons of her life. Well, it's normal for her age to find new opportunities for herself but of course we're not really happy about her decision. Not of being selfish but she has been part of the family and we really needed someone like her to take care of Maki. It's really hard to look for nannies right now.

My wife leave half of the day from work last Thursday because there's no one to take care of Maki. We were so very sorry for our son. Hay! I just pray that we could find someone like Lanie who could take care of Maki and of course someone that we can trust in the house.

Just like today my father-in-law were brought to the hospital for having a mild stroke. He was admitted so that they could do test and find out how much damage were incurred of his stroke. Since my wife's family don't have much money for the hospitalization he was admitted in charity ward (I don't know if that's how or what it is called). We also went to the Social Service to ask for help and some discounts regarding the payment of laboratories and other tests. Whew!

Maki was left in the house without someone to personally monitor and take care him. Though my parents where there still they couldn't really contain and take care of Maki. When we got home from the hospital Maki had a bruise on his face. We really make a big sigh when we see the bruise. It was an accident but it could have been prevented if there's someone to take care of Maki. We were very sorry for our son.

We really need a nanny for our son. We have asked most of our relatives if there's someone who could be my son's nanny. It seems that there are no more available and qualified to be a nanny. Hay!!!

How about you? What did you to your son? Where did you get your nanny?


  1. Hope your father in law will be fine asap and sana nga yon find na nanny for your son na trustworthy i personally take care of my daughter :)

  2. @workingathome thanks you very much for the message. I'm sure my father in law will be alright and with regards to our son well we do hope to find a nanny for him.


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