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Friday, March 25

Help To Japan

Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

It was Friday and I was at work when I heard about the news that had happened in Japan. It was the highest magnitude (I think) that hit Japan for over the years that they usually felt an earthquake. The most devastating was the event that followed the earthquake, the Tsunami. Of what I have heard in the news the tsunami was about ten meters high that really washed away the houses, cars, boats, and other belongings of the people lived there in Japan, especially those who lived near the coastal areas. The end result was horrifying.

Now, the people of Japan are now facing another possible catastrophe, a meltdown of one of their nuclear reactor in one of their power plant. It is really hard for them facing calamities like these. It is also hard for the rescuers to do their rescue and retrieve operations with the threat of the meltdown, the aftershocks and the weather.

With most of their resources getting stretched and almost depleting, they would really need our help. Let us all extend and Help Japan earthquake and tsunami victims by simply donating something to different agencies that is extending their help to the victims of the calamity in Japan. Your small help can console the victims of tsunami and quake.

For me as part of the blogging community I’m extending my little help by creating a post on which PostNjoy donates $2 for each posts registered at PostNjoy. By doing a simple act like this I can make most of the people aware where and what agencies they can give their donations.
Here are some of the agencies if you want to extend your help to Japan.

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