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Sunday, March 27

Gender Sensitive Kids

We parents and adults do like to associate kids with their gender.  Like for example, if the baby is a girl it is often associated with the pink or yellow clothes, pink or yellow floral baby bottles, pink or yellow color of cribs, and other baby materials.  Baby boys are also associated with colors and they are always associated with blue or green.  With this babies are already given the fact about genders. 
We, parents, should also take note that these kids are like a copying machine they really watch every thing that we do.  It's on us, parents, that they get their notion of gender.  By watching our every move they can already learn from it.   So with it they also learn to associate gender to works and clothes like a male adult should always do the carpentry, plumbing, and other male works.  For the female adult they should always be seen doing the household chores like washing clothes, ironing clothes, washing the dishes, and other female works in the house.   They are really keen about these things.  But what about if they see things the other way around like men doing the laundry and dishes while the ladies are doing the plumbing and carpentry.  Well, that's the time that we, parents should teach them about gender sensitivity as early as possible.  This is to help them also avoid confusion. They should be thought that at this time, men and women can both do things.  Men can do things that women does and women can do things that men does.
So how does this matter can be thought to kids?  Well, for a start, if parents don't have any arguments on doing things in the house then it will be easy but if there is then that's one big problem.  Because how can we teach something to the kids if they don't usually see it preferably first in the house.  We can show examples to kids and explain it to them like if daddy is doing the laundry.  It should be explained why daddy is doing the laundry.  Same goes with mommy if she's doing a little bit of carpentry it should also be explained to the kids why.  By doing that they won't have any confusion of who does those things.

When outside of the house or strolling around the mall, parents should always explain to kids if they see any like a police woman or a male nurse.  It should be explained that these works associated with male can also be done by females.  So at the early age, kids won't get any confusion of to whom is the work associated with.  Also kids get to learn to respect different genders.
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