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Friday, March 18

LeapFrog Fridge Phonetics

We parents always want the best for our kids and with that we really want to give something that they will not only enjoy playing it but also will enjoy learning from it.  During the early stage of kids there are two senses of the body that they always use and that the sense of sight and sense of hearing.  With these two senses learning are just simple for them.  Enjoyment are what makes them like to learn more things.  It will instill in their mind that learning is just as simple as playing balls and picking up sticks.  It is better to teach them that learn is not very stressful.  All you need is fun to keep the motor running.

Since we, parents, wants to provide the best for our kids, we have something that parents and kids will sure enjoy to have in their homes.  This toy is called the LeapFrog Fridge Phonetics, it's made of fine materials and was awarded by Nick Jr's Toy of the year in 2003.

Playing with this toy is just as simple as flashing the alphabet cards.  This toy doesn't just stop in letting the kids learn to memorize the alphabets and reading skills, also to learn to appreciate music and also to give them a way to learn to identify colors.  So this educational toy does not only hit one aspect of the kids learning process but almost everything that the kids needs to learn, especially during his first months.  If you want to know more of their products just simply click the link above and it will lead you to their website.

So how do you pick and choose the toys for your kids?
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