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Sunday, March 20

Maki's Mingling Problem

My wife and I were early at the church today.   That's the very first time after a few years of having Maki with us.  Unfortunately we did not take Maki along with us because we attend a meeting in the church.  I'm sure Maki would not like it being there and we would always go out and that's really not good.  Anyway we did stayed there after the meeting and waited for my parents together with Usher, my nephew, and Maki. 

During the worship service we couldn't really fully concentrate because Maki was very talkative and hyper roaming around the sanctuary.  So what I did is that I take him down to the junior worship to listen for the story telling and so that he would mingle with the other kids.  Well, he didn't want to stay there.  I explain to him that it is like a school but he just replied that it's not a school.  To avoid any more arguments we just stayed there outside of the room and waited.  Later on he asked me if we could go up back to the sanctuary.  We did go back but he was still noisy that we weren't able to understand the message.  Hay!  First the hyperactivity problem during worship service and second is the mingling problem with the other kids in the church.  I just pray Maki would get over this already so that me and wife could have at least a few hours of solemn and consecrated worship. 

How about your?  How do you cope with your kids during Sunday Worship Service?
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