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Monday, March 28

Monday Rush : Another Dizzy Monday

Today is another dizzy Monday for me.  It's not that I got lots of work today but it has been a week now and my dizziness hasn't gone off.  Last week it was really terrible.  It seems that my head was really going blow and pop.  Aside from the dizzy feeling my head was also aching very much I can't even move much.  I feel so weak and my body is already shivering due to the pain.  Because of that I was brought to the hospital so that we could know what was happening to me.  Fortunately all the test conducted to me was negative.  I got a normal blood pressure.  The test for possible vertigo was negative, the ECG, the blood sugar were all negative.  And because of that I was discharge of the ER and instructed only to return if it still hasn't gone off.  Well, unfortunately the dizziness is still on but there were times that I feel normal.  I'll be going back to the doctor maybe on Friday and see what will be their findings this time.   As to now, I think this got to do with my eyes.  I think my eyes problem has gone worst and had increased its grade level.  So for now I'll just have to endure it and take medicine to cure the dizziness and the headache.

How about you?  Did you experienced something like this?


  1. Lately, I've been feeling dizzy, too. Well, it's more like I feel the earth's shaking everytime I stay still. Scared it might be vertigo. Today, though, I'll have my eyes checked. Baka yun lang ang problem.

    Glad to know you're okay. I think my eye grade level's increased too. Waah.

    And I found your Entrecard! ^_^

  2. It's really hard to concentrate with that kind of feeling, especially when working. Mas iniisip yong hilo kaysa sa trabaho. Hahaha!

    Medyo okay na nga this past few days.


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