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Monday, March 21

Monday Rush : Felt An Earthquake

I got some rush of adrenalin today.  I thought I was just dizzy when I felt it recently.  It was an earthquake!  Yes as we check it lately it was a 5. plus intensity and the epicenter was somewhere in Mindoro.

During the past years we often felt the little shakes of the ground.  It's scary because I have felt it when I was in Elementary.  It was a calamity that devastated some parts of Luzon.  Making most of the provinces and cities inaccessible due to landslides and torn down bridges.  Many people were buried in some of the buildings.  It was really a tragedy.

Now, the senate and the congress are now making a move for an intensive campaign regarding disaster management and also forcing the DPWH in fortifying the bridges and infrastructures.  I think we should take our cue from the Japanese' attitude when things happen.  They are disciplined even though they are facing disaster.

If you're in the Philippines, especially in Luzon and Metro Manila, have you felt the earthquake?


  1. I sure have! We were on the 2nd floor of the Makati Med, talking to our daughter's developmental pedia when it happened. Scary!

  2. Yeah! It was scary. That's why we should be prepared in earthquakes like this. It's better that we know what to do during calamities.


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