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Wednesday, April 13


Just last week, I did blogged here about my family's unusual bonding and food trip.  I did say that we did that because we were broke during that time.  It was a very tight budget that we have.   Then Sunday came and we really don't want to skip Church Service for that Sunday.  We were already skipped some Sundays and we feel guilty about having missed Church on Sundays.  Our money during that time was just enough for a taxi fare back and forth.  I didn't want my wife to exhaust walking and climbing the stairs of two overpasses, especially with her situation now.  The topic of the message during that time was about putting trust into God.  Which sometimes we would really fail to do.  We just prayed about our situation and we went back home.

My wife and I talked about the possibility of filing leave of absence from our work for just or at least a few days to be free of expenses.  But the problem is that I've already used up some of my leaves and so is she.  I tried to raise some money and was able to raise at least Php600.00.  My wife and I split it in half.  It was really a hard week for us.  Bills, groceries, and allowances are the top priorities in our budget.   Though there's a salary coming I think it's not enough to compensate the top priorities.  God sometimes really put us into test to know how far will we hold on to Him.  That holding on really did work and when God provides blessings he just not showers you but pours an abundance to you.  Yes!  God did pour out his blessing last night and it was an answered prayer.  Anytime now the blessing will came and will be able to finally get our top priorities.  Praise God for answered prayers!

How about you? Please do share your answered prayers!


  1. visiting here from Adgitize...

    you know what? i admire your honesty in your posts and i can truly sense your love for your family.

    God bless you more.


  2. hi daddy yas! :)
    wow! galing naman..ako siguro blessing na rin yung nakakabili ako ng gatas at diaper ng anak na lang lagi pinapa-thank you..and of course yung healthy kami..

  3. @Claire Thanks for the admiration. We all need to love one another specially our family. They are our biggest strength when in times of problems. God bless you to and your family!

    @Shengkay Everything is a blessing from God. Kaya we should always be thankful of what we have. God bless you and your family.


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