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Saturday, April 23

The Cross' Message

Christians have always observed the Lenten Season.  Most of the people do different routines during the Lenten Season.  Many of them start it during Holy Monday after the Palm Sunday or the triumphant entry of Christ in Jerusalem.  Some of them are still practicing the tradition.  Some believed that Christs is suffering during this time so they wanted also to be part and feel that suffering.  They called it their penitence.  Different denomination and different sect observed Lent but with different rituals.    Truly the Lenten season is a time to reflect and communicate with God.  As one of the bible passage says "Be still to know  that I am God" Psalm 46:10.  It is indeed that the Lenten season is a perfect timing for most of the working people.  It's a Holiday!  It is not to have fun on the beach but to made a reflection of the what had transpired during your days of being a Christian.  Me, I'm not convince about the good and the things that I have done.  I'm sure some of them doesn't pleases the Lord but I will strive with the guidance and help of Christ to walk aright.
Just this week, one of my friend posted a message on Facebook.  It's just a simple message which is relevant for this era... an era tech and gadget stuff.  Anyway, the message goes like this...
We all want a 3G phone with 16Gb memory;

A computer with 4G processor and a 500Gb hard drive;

An iPod with 32Gb capacity;

In life, we only need 1G.

...1 God!

A perfect timing! Yes, we are all living on a very fast phase environment. Everything is moving so fast, so busy and so occupied. That's our life today... BUSY! But with the less busiest time of the day have ever stop, stare at the cross and think why an innocent man crucified on that cross? Perhaps none of us have ever done that.
According to most number of definitions on books and on the internet, during the time of the Romans the Cross is a symbol of shame and humiliation. It was one of the capital punishment for those who committed crime. Jesus was innocent but He was treated as if He had committed a crime. He was crucified on that Cross and shed His blood for us, sinners. The Cross according to Rose Marie Regalia...
The Cross was the despised man's sinful disobedience through ages and ages. The cross was the culmination of God's salvation plan which actually started in Jesus' incarnation. The Cross became life-giving to us who believe. The grace of the Cross is overflowing. The promise of the cross transcends generations. The covenant of the Cross moves us into becoming active messengers of the same Cross that first transformed us, and we are never the same.
C - Christ
R - Reigns
O - Overcomes death and sin
S - Saves lost souls
S - Sanctifies the faithful

Perhaps it is not yet too late for us to know the message of the cross. All we need to do is to stop, stare at the Cross and pray for forgiveness. Perhaps for me the Cross' message is the never ending love of God our Father.
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