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Thursday, April 28

Dad in Search of Free MP3 Downloads

Dads like me have always been looking for something that will help me in times of lullabies. And I did found some interesting Download Files from Rapidshare, a free mp3 downloads of different songs which can be use as lullaby for my kid, especially during the night that I get a hard time putting him to sleep. Nights like this can really become hard for both Dads and kids. Dads get stressed of the event and at the same time get angry because of the situation. We cannot just eventually let them sleep instantly because kids too have their own time clock and they just go down whenever they feel too. It’s more of a timer, all you need to do is to wait till that time stops or reaches its right time.

Some of the songs that I try to find and play were lullaby songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, the slow “ABC Song” by Elmo, and a whole lot more of different lullaby songs. Aside from the lullaby song I also try to download some nursery rhymes that my son really loves to listen. He even sings a long with it and makes an action if the nursery rhymes have an action with it. Some of these songs are “The Number Song”, “Baba Black Sheep”, “Little Boy Blue”, and more. It is really great and helpful to download music for free. There was a saying that “the best things in life are free”.

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