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Thursday, April 21

Dad on Kenny Rogers' Blogger's Night

All the way from work in Clarkfield, Pampanga, I rushed to our house in Quezon City. Pick up my wife, took a shower, get dressed, and hailed a taxi just to be present in a Blogger’s Night Event in Kenny Rogers Katipunan. That was last night and it was really fun!
The Invitation
It was a day before the event that one of my blogger friends invited me to join in the said event. At first I was reluctant because of the time constraint. I don’t know if I’ll be able to bit the time and be there on that event. After a few minutes of thinking I then decided to send an email to the organizer. With crossed fingers I waited for their reply and gladly they did sent an invitation. I also asked if I could take my wife with me. With a smiley on their email reply, they've granted my wish.

With the length of the travel and the short span of time we were able to be there, thirty minutes late! The good thing about it is that we were just in time to try out the new dish that Kenny Rogers Roasters is offering. It’s called the Hainanese Chicken which is a common dish in Singapore. Since me and my wife were late we weren’t able to hear a very good introduction of the dish but thanks to their Press Release I was able to scan some of the information about it. So without any further delay we started tasting the dish. First impression is that it’s like “tinolang manok” without the soup. The meat of the chicken is really tender and you can eat it without the hassle of separating the meat from the bones. It is also served with ginger, chili and sweet soy sauces. On my part since I’m getting off with salty sauces I really enjoyed the chili and ginger sauce, they are just great for people like me. The rice is flavored with chicken stock and sprinkled with garlic on top of it. Of course a meal will not be complete for Filipinos without the soup but what I don’t like about the soup is that it is too salty. Perhaps they should lessen the saltiness of the soup. Well that completes Kenny’s Hainanese Chicken.

It is indeed a healthy option for people getting off from high blood cholesterol. As we all know Dads are not always health conscious, so this meal is really good for Dads. Fried is out poached is in.

A meal will not be very complete without the last part, the desert. Kenny Rogers Frozen Yogurt offers a variety of toppings to enjoy. Though I’m not a yogurt fan, I think this Kenny’s Frozen Yogurt had captured my taste. I don’t know with my wife because she’s really not into yogurts. I think I would really enjoy eating Kenny’s Frozen Yogurt with or without toppings.

Ever since that I was diagnosed with kidney stones and with a little bit tendency to get high blood, I’ve always set aside those salty sauces. As much as possible I would go for steamed or poached dishes. It is really great that Kenny Rogers Roasters has decided to come up with a dish like this, healthy!

Since Kenny Rogers Roasters is endorsing healthy life style it is great that their dishes are endorsed by people inclined to sports. It is one good way to motivate people not only to eat delicious and healthy foods but also do healthy activity as well. Meet the ambassadors of Kenny Rogers…

 I think I will start to do healthy activities again. Perhaps do a thirty minutes jog for a start. Live life and live healthy.
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