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Monday, April 4

Dad Unfooled At iBlog 7

Friday April 1, 2011, it's a Fool's Day Celebration in which most people do pranks. It was also the first day of the iBlog7 or the iBlog: The 7th Philippine Blogging Summit. I thought we were going to be fooled that day but I was wrong and they were not fooling around when most of the speakers did share what they were able to attain from blogging. Some of them were able to create their own companies and consultancy firms.

This is my first time to attend such big blogging event. Though I was blogging for quite some time this is really the very first blogger’s summit that I have ever attended. At first I didn't know that there was such large community of bloggers. I'm really saddened that I did only know this summit on its 7th year already.

Since this is the 7th year of the Philippine Blogging Summit, most of the bloggers here are quite familiar with each other. As for me, I quite know some of the bloggers who attended, especially some from the mommy bloggers. One of the bloggers that I met first in person was blankpixel or Mhel from the Just Another Blank Pixel. Then later on some of the mommy bloggers like Mommy Rubs of Pinay Mommy Online, Divine of Divine Memoirs, Karen of My-So-Called World, and a lot more. My network of blogger friends were little compared to the regular attendees of the blogging summit. Anyway I’m so thankful to the Lord that I was able to attend the summit and had acquainted with great people.
The summit is not all about meeting people and knowing a lot of bloggers in the community but the summit is a gateway to acquire and learn information from different blogging perspective. It’s more likely of a library where different information are stored and kept.

The speakers were great! They were able to provide information and facts about blogging  in a very simple manner on which most of the newbies would understand. I’m still considering myself as a newbie with regards to this blogging thing. I did enjoy and learned a lot from them I'm praying and hoping that there will be another iBlog Summit next year.


  1. Thank you so much for joining and supporting iBlog7.

  2. Thank you also ms. janette! It's great to be part of a great community like iBlog.

  3. thank you,bro! nice meeting you.

  4. Nice to meet you personally at IBlog7!

  5. @divine and @Inya it was nice also to meet both of you in person. I hope that we could still meet in some blogging event. Good day!


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