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Saturday, April 2

Daddy Day Care: Daddy Is Out

My son and I always bond during Saturdays.  That's the time that I'm off thinking of work, a little time for blogging,  a few hours of household chores and a whole lot of adventure with my son.  Every weekend is a whole new adventure for us whether my wife is with us or she's at work.

For this particular Saturday, it is something that we don't usually want to happen.  First is that my son is left in our house without a nanny only my parents and second is that my wife and I are not there to take care of him because of some things that we both need to attend to.  Yes, his nanny is not really feeling very well.  We don't want our son to be infected with whatever illness that his nanny have.  Like most doctors would always say prevention is better than cure so as much as possible we try to isolate anyone in the house who has illnesses.  Even me and my wife also do isolate ourselves whenever we have illnesses.
picture courtesy of blankpixel
For the reason why we are not there in our house with our son for this particular Saturday is that my wife has already used up most of her leaves so she needs to worked today while yours truly has already set the schedule of attending the iBlog: The 7th Philippine Blogging Summit or iBlog 7.   I don't really want to miss something that I have already missed during the time I started blogging.  But of course we do know that my parents would take good care of my son.  What we worry much is that will my parents contain our son for them not to get tired too much.   Anyway my parents did manage to get through the day  and when we arrived we were so happy to see him.

So how about you?  How's your day?


  1. I understand how scary it is to leave your kid with someone else, even if they're family pa. But, yeah, parents should set time off the parenting stuff. You still need some "me" time so that you won't go all crazy or stressed taking care of your kid/s... well, only if you got people you trust to take care of them, of course. Hehehe.

    It was so nice to meet you, Yashiro/Marco! :)
    Hope to see yah at the next blogger event. :)

  2. Yeah mhel you're right about the time off. It is really tiring especially if you have a boy kid running around the house as if there no tomorrow. It's a good thing that my parent was there to look after him.

    You too mhel, it was nice meeting you in person. Just like one of the speaker said "maliit ang mundo". Till next blogger event. :*


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