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Saturday, April 9

Daddy Day Care: OB and Food Trip

An unusual activity! Yes we had a very unusual activity today.  It's something that we don't usually do because it's just so happen today that we are quite broke and we didn't have enough money.  I know you are wondering why it is unusual.   Well to start with, today is my wife's visit to her OB/GYN and the only money we have is for her check up and ultrasound.  It is very unusual for us to have less money whenever there's a check up or visit to the doctor.  It just so happen that most of our sources were already depleted due to some circumstances that needs to be understand.  So anyway we did go off to the OB/GYN had her checked up.  We were very excited because today is the day that we will know whether Mommy's baby is a boy or a girl.  Personally I'm really anxious to know already whether it is a boy or a girl.  So we did come along with Mommy as she was being check up and later on ultrasound.  Her doctor immediately notice the image of the baby and found that it was a baby boy.  My heart did pound and yes it was another baby boy who will carry on the legacy of the Demo.  Of course we would also want to have a princess in our family so perhaps we will wait a few more years after she delivers our new little prince.

Since the baby is a boy, we somewhat did a little celebration of our own.  With a little budget that we have we tried to celebrate in a very simple and not very unique manner.  One of the supermarket is just near the clinic so we did go there and tried to look for a cheaper ice cream, Maki wants ice cream that is why.   On our way to the supermarket we heard a bell ringing.  That bell ring signifies or connotes an ice cream vendor or stand.   Mommy don't want the ice cream so we went inside the supermarket and try to look for something much cheaper but of course tasty and creamier ice creamier.   When we got to the ice cream area and Maki picked up what he wants with out any options!  Together with a bread we paid for the ice cream plus a free taste of scrambled egg with mayonnaise.   With a small food tasting spoon the three of us did enjoy the ice cream with three flavors.  That's what we call 3-in-1, three flavors of ice cream in just one container.

That's our food trip!  We tried to finished the three flavors but unfortunately none of us can really finish the entire 1 liter of ice cream.  Good thing that the ice cream that we got is really well known for its taste, quality and the best is less expensive.  An ice cream and some bread on a food court with a little spoon is really a very unusual food trip that we had.  That's what you call food trip bonding. It's really nice to think that food are well appreciated when it is quite few.


  1. Wow. Congrats on your baby boy on the way. Here's to hoping for a healthy baby boy and mommy.

    Simple celebrations are, well, priceless. As long as you're happy and you're with loved ones, walang tatalo sa simpleng celebrations :)

  2. Family Bonding Moments like this are really precious.

    Been here from adgitize

    its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay
    Also blogging at: My Point of View | GCircles |

  3. @Mhel and Cielo - Thank you very much for the visit. Yeah simple family bondings are really the best. We're not restricted to do anything. Hehehe! Sabi nga ni Carlo Ople "Walang basagan ng Trip!"

  4. @Mhel yeah it's a baby boy. Akala namin girl na eh! Siguro sa susunod! hahaha!


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