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Saturday, April 23

Daddy Day Care: Mommy Is Out!

Today is Black Saturday for our Daddy Day Care and yes Mommy is out.  Not the whole day but still she's out for today.   Well, they got some bonding moments with our friends.  An all girls bonding!  It's really seldom that they invite the husbands to come along.

It was lunch time when Mommy set off to her date with the other girls.  So, this leaves me and Maki all alone in the house.  Good thing that Maki was asleep when Mommy leaves the house.  I won't have to pacify Maki when he does his tantrums, it will for sure take us more than the usual time to pacify kids.  I remember one of his tantrums that made a very bad impression to those who've seen the event.  This happens in one of the known establishment in our place.  He did make a lot of noise that we couldn't really make him stop.  Imagine a few kilometers ride with Maki crying and pulsating like a worm from my arms.  Whew!  His really strong!  The bottom line were able to pacify him, his nanny did pacify him.   I'm sure most of the Moms and Dads there were already raising their eyebrows, but hey that was the first time that we experienced something like that with Maki.  And the catch of the story Maki just wanted to change the plastic bag where the sales lady placed the puzzle that we have bought.  Anyway tantrums are tantrums no matter how high or low it would be.  The thing is that we, parents, should try to learn more on how to pacify our kids when event like this occurs.

So much of the tantrum thing, let us have what we have done for today or better yet what has Maki done to Daddy.  Since Maki and I were left all alone in the house, everything are our responsibility and since it is Mommy's time to have some time with her friends, it is our time also to make the house tidier.   Maki did helped Daddy in cleaning the house but the play time is more than work time.  Of course we couldn't asked for more from our little kid,  Play time is what they mostly enjoys.  One good trait that I'm proud of him is that he is willing to help me and Mommy in our household chores, especially now that we don't have any YAYA.   So we did clean the house wash some rags and also cook rice for dinner.  At first Maki wasn't really into getting active and I think I was exhausted during todays work.  I just pray that body won't ache too much tomorrow during the "Dawn Service for the Easter Sunday".   So all in all, Maki and I can manage the house whenever Mommy is out of the house together with her friends.  Just make sure that you got plenty of clothes for your kid.

How about you?  How was your day and Holy Week?
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