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Thursday, April 14

Daddy's Hoping for A Smart Phone

Well, it's not bad to hope for something.  I know that there's a lot of things to be prioritized and a lot of things to buy in preparation for my wife's scheduled date of giving birth to our second son.  Whew I just remembered that though there's a blessing that came, still and I think it is just enough to cover the expenses for this month.  I just pray for more online works so that I could save for my wife's scheduled delivery.

Anyway, nobody said that it is bad to hope and wish for some fancy gadgets.  Besides Daddy bloggers like me should always be on informed with the new tech gadgets and other techie stuff.  It is not all the time that we, daddy bloggers, are holding the baby feeding bottles.  We should sometimes pamper ourselves with some gadgets, specially if we are always on the go.

We all know that there are different brands, kinds, and styles of Smart phones are in the market right now.  Some of the Communication companies offer a variety of smart phones to choose from.  From an economy to a luxurious budget.  I remember when I first known a cellphone it was a Motorola brand cellphone which was really odd compared to the looks of new phones of Motorola today.  Some of their latest phones are the Droid Bionic and the Motorola Bionic which was build with a good technology of Motorola.   This smart phone comes with a Motorola Bionic Accessories that can be used for the Motorola Bionic.

Since this gadget is available in the market I might as well pray that we will have first the budget for my wife's scheduled birth of our second son.  Then maybe that's the time that I will get a new Smart Phone.

How about you?  What are you yearning for?
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